EARTH LOG JUNE 2007, by Celia Fenn

June 12th: Coping with the Body Electric...: I think it was American poet Walt Whitman who coined the term the "body electric" in his long poem, "Leaves of Grass". I vauguely remember Irene Cara singing about it in the movie called "Fame". Anyway, many people have written to me recently asking about how to cope with the increased electrical energy in the body. This ranges from new born babies with seizure problems, to adults having to take anti-epilepsy medication to deal with convulsions and other symptoms.

Well, all I can say is that as consciousness raises and the frequencies that we receive in our bodies rise, so does the electrical "voltage" that our bodies have to handle. Some people's bodies just seem to have more difficulty dealing with the increased voltage. It does seem to place increased pressure on the nervous system, ranging from mild electrical currents in some to full blown convulsions in others. My feeling is that the body is learning to adapt to the increased load.

There is a reason for this, as Archangel Michael explained to me in the work I did on this about 18 months ago. So I am going to refer you to this link, where you can read about the meaning and significance of the increased electrical energies and the changes in the water on the planet: Click here for: Blueprint for a Blue Planet.

I am not really sure what is the best way to handle these problems. I have found that using homeopathic remedies for the energy overload on my own nervous system tends to work best. Interestingly, the remedies I use are both derived from poisonous substances that do cause convulsions in their pure state. Working on the "like cures like" approach of homeopathy, I find they do bring relief without actually blocking whatever physiological and biochemical changes my body may be making as a result of the increased energies. But please note that these remedies were selected by my homeopath who is also a trained medical doctor. It is important that you have help in finding the right remedy for you and the symptoms that your body is presenting.

People do ask me to "just ask Archangel Michael", but I think we need to understand that looking after our bodies is our responsibility. Spirit works with the spiritual changes and shifts, but we have to discover what works best for our bodies. It is, after all, a co-creation in which we have agreed to take on our mastery and work with Spirit as Master Creators. I spent some time today with a friend who is also a trained medical doctor and works as a spiritual counsellor. Her perspective was that being accepting of the changes and keeping a positive attitude helps the body to integrate. After all, if you are fearful and resistant, then your body is tense, and this makes it difficult for the body to integrate and process as it needs to. So work with the process. Relax if you need to, sleep if you need to, and do not be fearful of the physiological changes if you experience them. But of course, if symptoms become severe, then get qualified help. I could not have come this far without the help and support that I receive from these highly qualified people. It is the feeling of being supported on the physical level that can make all the difference to your integration and balancing process.

Receiving Healing and Reiki energies also work wonderfully to help you to process and relax into the process. So, as Archangel Michael did say in his channel for June, now is the time to give support to those who ask, and if you need support, don't be afraid to ask! This is a process we are all in together and we need to help and support each other.

I feel, too, that as the energy increases later in the month and towards July and August, more people will be feeling the increased energy charges in their bodies. So please read Archangel Michael's message above about the Blue Star energies, and know that this is a positive evolutiuonary shift designed to bring great blessings once it has been integrated.

And, finally, here is an image of a phenomenon called "blue noctilucent clouds", in which electric blue clouds are seen in the twilight sky, much like the northern lights:

No one knows for sure what causes this phenomenon. I like to think that we are beginning to see the powerful electric blue light that is creating our New Earth!

June 10th: Sunspot 560....The "Twins"....and the Goddess energy clearing the "witch hunt" energy.....: The energy has been very intense lately, and I think many people are struggling to hold and integrate this energy. I have heard reports of women collapsing and passing out, and having problems with breathing and convulsions. Personally I have been feeling very "strange", and have not felt much mental clarity. I have felt tired and wanted to sleep a great deal, which is not easy when you have work to do.

My feeling is that with the powerful Triple Goddess energy that is entering the planet as we move towards Solstice on the 21st, those people who are opening to the Divine Feminine energies are having to deal with some very powerful integrations right now.

Well, maybe this has something to do with it. Under the energy of Gemini, the Twins, the sun has produced this curious "double" or "Twin" Sunspot:

Now, what is even more curious is that in terms of magnetics, these spots are not polar opposites, they are both southern pole energies and they are reacting with a large northern polarized field just to the western side. Almost as though they are producing a double whammy of a certain kind of energy right now, as we are having our Solar DNA codes upgraded and shifted. The Solar Goddess is sending her messages to us, and we are feeling the changes deep within our bodies and our consciousness.

This brings me to the topic of clearing the "witch hunt" energy as the Goddess or Divine Feminine emerges as a spiritual energy on the planet once again. There is no doubt that within the DNA of the human body, and especially the female human body, there is a long history of persecution and fear related to women's spirituality and the arts of healing. Much of the tension between orthodox medicine and alternative therapies has its roots in this unhappy legacy. I have also noticed in the last year, the emergence of this energy in Europe, where the fear of the feminine and goddess energy is emerging amongst some Lightworkers. I feel it is something that is emerging in order to be cleared so that the Divine Feminine can emerge in its full and rightful power.

Which brings me to the strange media circus around the imprisonment of Paris Hilton in the USA. Now this is not a debate about good and bad, and what she deserves or does not deserve. What interested me were the media images of this young woman and her fall from grace, and the way in which the American public have seemingly revelled in her fall and misery. I used to teach American literature at college, and what came to mind was Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible", where a young blonde woman is tried as a witch, but it becomes obvious that she is merely carrying the shadow sexual energies of her community and its guilts and judgments. Well, I think pretty much the same energy is emerging here, as these images convey the energy of the witch hunt.

In Steve Rother's latest "Beacon of Light" he talks about what he calls a "Sexual Infusion", or an intensified sexual energy that is now coming to the planet. Yes, and as the sexual energy intensifies, all the old "stuff" must come out and be acknowledged and cleared. We must own our role in it, whether as victims or as perpetrators, but we must see the drama and let it go. Maybe the "mission" of the soul of the glamorous party girl called Paris Hilton is to help us to confront these energies within ourselves. For if we accept that all souls have work to do, and that everything unfolds for a reason and for the higher good, then we can begin to appreciate what these images are arousing on a deeper level within the Collective Consciousness.

And so, as we move towards the Solstice energy and the opening of the Sirius stargate in July, let's hope that we can stay clear and focussed on why we are here and what work we have come to do in this time of great transition.

June 2nd: Sunspot 560 and the energies right now.....: Well, I don't know about you, but I am still struggling a bit to stabilize my energies after the intensity of the recent Full Moon. It was a powerful one, with the fiery energies of Sagittarius being amplified by the volatile air energies of Gemini.

But now, after a long period of quiet, the sun is once more becoming active. Here is sunspot 560, which is apparently sending out M class flares. The image is from

Well, when the sun becomes active it usually means that we are receiving new solar codes into our solar or light bodies. And, since there has been little solar activity since the mega flare in December, we can expect that this will probably mean some significant adjustments to the solar body codes at this time.

My feeling is that, hot on the heels of the powerful lunar energies, this solar adjustment will be a really big one. We have reached a balance point within ourselves and the planet with the solar and lunar energies, and we are ready for the implementation of the Infinity Codes that Archangel Michael has been talking about. My feeling is that this is THE big shift in consciousness that we have been working towards. It will not happen overnight. My feeling is that we will experience several months of transition, starting now and only culminating in the next Solstice in December.

All I can say is, well, we have asked for this and now we are at the door. The door is about to open and we can step through. I feel that the most wonderful and luminous gifts are awaiting us if we have the courage to move through. And I know that we will. We have come this far as Lightworkers due to our tremendous courage, and we will take the opportunity to move into this new realm of consciousness.

So.... here we go. I'm just taking a deep breathe and jumping.......into the new energies.

The message from Archangel Michael is, to love and support each other in these times of change and transition. Do not hold back if you can do something loving and supportive for a fellow Lightworker and for those around you. Now is the time when your love and support is needed!

2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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