May 16, 2007


Hatonn here, and I have a report for you about all of the activities of
the light that are affecting your lives at this moment. These
activities are of a transforming nature and with their onset there is a
decided difference being noted by many of you. Others who are affected
are not aware that this is a transformative time. They merely feel that
there is a flu virus going around, or that they are infected with
something that will pass in time.

My dear ones, this is indeed the case. This will pass in time and in
its place will be a new lightness of being. These ones who choose to
see the light in these times will notice the difference in their daily
lives and in their abilities to manifest that which they desire. This
includes more than the material things that have been so valued; it
also includes all of the feelings and intentions behind the growth of
Spirit that you are enjoying.

As you continue through these changing times you are likely to note as
well that you are spacey and seeming to float through your days on a
cloud of silver and gold. This is the disruption of the density into
the harmony of the higher realms. As you make your shifts into these
higher realms you will note the disappearance of certain people from
your lives. Either they will suddenly make a decision to move
elsewhere, or you will cease to have time or inclination to spend time
with one another.

This is part of the transition stage. It is certain to clear the way
for others of same vibration to enter into your lives and harmonize
with each other?s activities. These activities will mimic the ideals
and desires that you find are now your motivating energy. These desires
and ideas will manifest in ways that are sometimes new feeling, other
times they will feel as trusted energies in which you find new
familiarity and comfort.

Allow these feelings to bathe and nourish you. Allow their benefits to
soothe and make clear what your life is like in the moment. You will
likely find that affairs of the world are no longer given precedent,
and indeed will come to you as mere points of interest, followed by the
knowing that this is the play that at any moment you can walk away from
into the sunshine of your new present reality.
Elvis has left the building, and all is well in his world.

As you leave these old issues of the world behind, in a sense you are
addressing them in a different way. You are seeing them for what they
represent, not for the drama they instill in people. You see them as
part of the transition period, and they provide the energies by which
the rise of vibration is accomplished. You know how you feel and you
recognize that where once you took these affairs of state into your
being, you now see them for the instruments they are from which to
create the concert of heavenly stars who carry out the performance in
the most wonderful blend of song that has wafted across your senses.
You recognize the tones of joy and harmony, and you know that that is
where you live.

As you go through your days in this world and as you engage in many of
the everyday activities that abound, you do so with the fervor of
knowing about the rightness of the energy that you live in. You know
that you are engaging only in the energy that empowers and harmonizes
with all of creation. This is the way in which you gauge your image of
yourself in the eyes of Spirit. You know that you are being that which
is beholden, and that anyone who sees another picture is exactly where
he has chosen to be in that moment, and this too is well, this too is

All have their own way of travel to the stars. All have their own
roadmap by which they ascend to themselves. This is the ultimate truth
of the ascension process, and as the puzzle is set into place and the
image becomes clearer there is a decided clarity that transcends that
of a moment before. This is when the administering of the truth is
harmonizing with the Intent of the Creator. This is when you are truth
in motion, as is in the harmony of Spirit.

My dear ones, come unto oneself and see the truth of who you are and
what you have chosen. See the perfection of your journey and know that
as you proceed through these days you create an energy into which the
whole of creation is blending. All is spoken in the language of love
and as the words are generated and sung out, all who have ears to hear
join in the chorus and sing out their notes clear and resonant.

Continue to create your world in the image of your intent and
desire, and watch the miracles abound. See the loveliness of life
ring true and clear as a bell that sounds throughout the kingdom of
God. This is your finest hour and this hour is forever. Kiss the
starlight and dewdrops as they co-mingle and harmonize into the
sweetness of the heavenly chorus. You are that chorus and you ring
true and sweet with the song of the angels singing through the
heavenly delight.

Go now into your day and live your life in the sweetness and joy
that you create. We watch and we caress your beingness for you are
the epitome of all that we are. For you are us; and we are you. All
is One.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

Hatonn, Part 2

I Am Hatonn back again with some news. We are about to enter into an
eclipse of the heart chakra. This means that as we ascend into our
lighter bodies we will feel as if we are having a heart attack. When
we go to the doctor there will be nothing found to explain the pain.
As well by that time the pain will have subsided and in many cases a
feeling of euphoria will be felt.

This is true with any who experience this who are younger in earth
years than fifty. For those who feel the pain who are over fifty, or
thereabouts, they will likely continue the pain slightly for a short
time, and then it will fade away, as their fear of the pain fades.
Realize that the two issues are united. The fear comes from the
experience of the pain, and the pain continues for a while, to a
lesser degree, because of the fear. As you can see from this
equation, in letting go of the fear you let go of the pain.

I am not in any way suggesting that you disregard any chest pain, or
any other pain (for there will likely be pain in other areas of your
body), and allow it to continue without seeking professional
assistance if you are so led to. What I am saying is that when the
professional tells you that there is no reason for the pain, or
discomfort then realize it is the result of the clearing of any
energy within your body that does not resonate with the higher

Realize also that this is in total co-operation with your higher
being. This is taking place because you are ready for the next step
in your evolvement, and that new step is to come at the beginning of
the summer. When it comes you may feel that your world is
topsy-turvy, upside down, and you?ll wonder what relevance the new
world has to the one you thought you would be involving yourself

This is the transition into the new rendition of the old idea of
what you would be doing in the months to come. You will be taking
parts of the energies of what was, and combining them with the new
energies that arise from the higher realms and then will be creating
anew, as is befitting the times. This is not to say that your
purposes will change altogether, they will simply ease out of the
old complicated scenarios into the new flowing ones that find no
burden of movement, and much celebration of creation.

We see all of you as a circle. In this circle are many colors and
many tones resonating throughout the next months. With this
resonance comes the knowledge that you are exactly right where you
are meant to be at any given time. Yes, in any moment you will know
that you are in the exactly perfect space and energy in which to
accomplish the miracles that you will be finding are becoming more
and more the ?given? ideas for your lives. This does not mean that
you will find your lives humdrum from this perfection. Oh, no! Your
lives will be alive with so much magic and joy that you will know in
each moment the celebration of the perfection and even the ecstasy
that comes from being in total communion with Spirit.

I have come once again today in order to remind those of you who
chose this time for your energy-changing that all is well. It is a
time for going within and asking your higher being for any guidance
that may be at your door. When that guidance comes it is wise to
follow it, even if it feels impossible to do. You will find that by
trusting, you will be led to events and circumstances that will
merit your utmost attention. The events leading up to your present
situation will all become clear, and the perfection will be obvious.

My dear ones, know that as the next days, weeks, and even months for
some, roll on by, and as situations change, lives are disrupted, and
challenges presented, you are all calling out the reserves within
for you recognize that the times are upon you to persevere and to
flow with the changing tides. You have agreed to the new changes
that have surfaced in probability recently, and with these changes
we will be seeing a brighter time to come than was foreseen even one
year ago.

You have raised the energy of possibility to an extent that has
surpassed the seen projections from the energy readings that were
taken last October, and you are flying higher than you originally
thought possible. You have surpassed the original Intent of The
Creator, with the plea to extend the Intent to new heights. This was
agreed upon most vehemently, and now you are showing what you are
made of in a whole new way to attain the New Intent of The Creator.
You are truly in harmony with the energies that propel you
throughout the Universal grid, and that has not been done before.

I take my leave once more this day, and I encourage you all to look
deep into the eyes of those around you. You may see something new
there that speaks to you of the new wave of love that is sweeping
around and through the planet because of this New Intent energy.
Know that you are a part of the new wave and it is grand.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate