By gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Quan Yin Speaks: As I weave my energies around you, within you, and to
you there will come many faces of the feminine. Allow each face that
comes to your mind to enter your heart, to enter into you, to enter in
through you; and thus you will create a portal, an entrance, and an
exit that you will facilitate at a much higher energy than you
realize.. Weave into the context of your heart to the very beginning
island of your soul in the first thought of God, in the first thought
of creation. Place yourself upon that island of Light within you. See
it as a Galaxy, a Universe, and begin to spin forward from it what your
heart desires, what your heart cries for, and what your soul demands.
Let not your humanness enter into this aspect of weaving, of creating,
of birthing.

Humanity for so long has sensed the birth of new projects, of new
ideas, of new energies, of new eras as something that was painful,
something that was hard to do, something that took great strain and
effort and more than yourself to do it. Humans themselves need a
midwife, or so they think to birth their dreams, to birth their hearts,
to birth their creations and their manifestations.

It is time that you become the midwife of your own essences and trust
that you have the knowledge, the innate cellular and stellar knowledge
to birth into your everydayness whatever it is that you feel that you
need. As you view the outside of your world, as you view the humanness
from this island of Light; there is a feel, a need, a want, to retract
yourself from this scurried world, to pull back into your shell of self
and not venture out again until the waters seem safe, the electricity
has stopped popping in the air, and the sand has stopped shifting. it
is time that you learn to walk on theses shifting sands, it is time
that you learn to understand the electricity in the air, the tides that
ebb and flow throughout your day. You can no longer stick your head in
the ground as an ostrich, and hide from what is your destiny. Your
destiny screams at you from within.

Part of the angers that many are feeling is the very voice of that
destiny screaming at you and screaming to you simultaneously to: ?Let
me out. This tower that you have kept me within is about to bend the
very bars of its prison; feeling of destiny.? And in that breaking
free and breaking loose, all things on Earth shake the shackles that
have bound them to the limitations of the perceptions of humanity. You
can not set on the haunches of your humanness and wait until the sands
settle, wait until the tides stable, wait until the winds of change
stop knocking over all that is structured.

It is time to dance with the energies of wind, and you use them to
propel you forward. It is time to merge with the granules of change of
the shifting sands, of the hourglass of this Millennium, and to become
one with them, and stop seeing them as separate, stop seeing them as
something that will take you down, for you know not how to walk upon it
or walk within it. It is time to hold your breath and dive deeply into
shallowness of the waters or into the deepness of the water; but just

Moving forward, moving now, and moving without fear will be the names
of the chapters of the upcoming books and sequences of events in you
life. Learning to walk in between the worlds. Learning to walk in the
cracks of self, to straddle what is fractured, what is broken; and ride
it into smoothness. Hone it by your desire of movement.

You all sit as a baby who has taken its first step and fallen, crying,
screaming, railing for the Universal Father/Mother/Creator to come pick
you up; but the child must pick up itself. You can yell, you can
scream, you can be angry; and in your mind, you have an amendment. You
have a bill of rights; and you amend it more each day of what injustice
was done to you, who and what hurt you, who and what owes you, it is
time for you to choose. The choice can only be enforced through
movement forward; it cannot be birthed by sitting still and waiting for
the light to turn.

You have heard that necessity is the mother of invention You now
through necessity become the mother of invention & creation; and it is
all the mothers of the world, and all the mothers of time, and all the
mothers of creation that beckon you forward. You go into the cupboards
that seem bare, and scrape the emptiness forming it into something that
is wonderful and delicious. You all are the mothers of necessity and
the mothers of creation. You form what others do not have the eyes to
see. They see what is not there, see the possibility.

Lift the veils of your humanness. Scrape the cataracts out of your
heart and your soul. Cataracts are but self created blockages. Scrape
the resin off the outside of you and let your pores breathe; let your
dreams breathe, and let your heart beat in joy again.

You see the world collapsing, the people around you scurrying as if
the sky is falling and you get caught up in the frenzy as well. The
sky is falling, the sky is falling, but when you finally look up there
is nothing but blue skies. You have been swept up in the winds of
change and the fears of others.

Walk as a babe that is cautious but yet strong and determined to take
that other step. See the arms, the hand, the heart of your Creator
stretched out to you as a parent beckoning you forward and forward and
forward. You look back with each step forward as the door of the past
shuts and seals.

You cannot go back. Many of you cry out to your earth parents you
feel vulnerable like as a child that is left alone, a child that feels
frightened. Why is this happening, Mother? Why is this happening,
Father? Why is this happening, God? Your dreams have not ended. The
old paradigm the old way has collapsed. That is why we come to you.
To hold you, to nurture you, to support you when you cannot or will not
support yourself.

Yes, we are invisible to most people; like all that is grand such as
love and god, but we are in the eyes of the one who sits across from
you tonight. We are in the eyes of the children. We are in the eyes
of your dreams, and of your animals that say, please hold on one more
day, one more minute, one more choice; we cannot make it without you,
you are needed by so many for so much. You have shed the coat and skin
of who you were earlier this year; and you are naked. The light is
bright and sometimes stark and you feel exposed, and vulnerable; you
may find yourself lashing out to those who offer help or love or an
encouraging word. It is you who is angry at you. You feel as if you
have no control or what is happening in your life.

Each day speak to your mind, body, and soul as three separate beings.
Treat them as such. They have bickered and fought far too long. Your
mind argues with your body and the body gets back at the mind, and the
soul just views and shrugs wondering what is the matter with these two
Why do they fight as siblings with different father. Stop fighting
with yourself. The body is right, the mind is right, and the soul is
right. They are all right from the angle they sit. View them as a
Trinity, each one sees from a different direction, from a different

Speak to the body, love it as an old friend who has served you well.
Speak to the mind for it has always sat in council for your highest
good. Tell your brain, your human brain to let you expand, to let you
see more, to let you be more, to let you dream more, to let you become
more. Coax it, as a child coaxes a parent for more allowance, for more
privileges, by assuring the parent that it knows what it is doing. You
are about to stretch forward. It is as putting on an undersea diving
suit to begin with. The fit is tight. You must hold your breath. It
catches on your very flesh as you zip it. But little by little your
humanness warms it and expands it and stretches it. And so shall you
do with the next phase of self that you walk into.

There is no failure in being human. It does not matter if you waste
your life, or you use your life appropriately, Whatever you are
choosing to do is just fine. There are no mistakes, there are no
failures. There is nothing you can do wrong. The essences of wrong
was given to you as a limitation; as was the frequency of death to
limit you and bind you in fear. In the Orient they bind the feet. In
some cultures they bind the head, in others they bind the heart. Cut
away all things that bind you and no longer serve you.

Show by example over and over and over again. like the mother eagle
who comes to the ledge and shows her fledglings how to fly over and
over again. Each fledgling has a different strength, and wingspan and
the wind blows differently beneath the wings. Do not Judge what
another does for they are most probability doing the very best that
they can in that moment. They are at their peak for them. Not their
peak for you. Allow them to stay in the nest longer to stretch, to
fly. Love them where they choose to camp, love them where they choose
to settle.

There are multitudes of choices because there are multitudes of
people. You hold within you a Universe, and within that Universe are
layer upon layer of other Universes and possibilities. It is your
choice whether you go deep into the very first cell of your being or
expand out the largest galaxies of your perception.. All possibilities
live within you.

You as a holographic piece of the whole, contain the entire Universe.
You have the whole picture within you. It has been promised since the
beginning. It is the promise you stand on. It is the promise you
dream in. It is the promise you breathe. It is the promise that your
heart beats for. It is time that you believe it.

All structure comes down. The old property is down. You stand
amongst the rubble. It is time to clear it. what will you build now
on this prime creator property? What will you build on this priceless
corner lot of self? Build what you can?t imagine. Build what you
never thought possible. Build what your humanness can not even
comprehend. And force your essence into expansion.

Do not allow the traffic jams of your soul and the frenzy of others to
misdirect your intention. Stand strong, stand tall in you. You are
the true miracle. You easily love everything and everyone outside of
you, yet you look at yourself in disdain. How could I have created
such an imperfection? Even though your physical beauty is great you do
not see it. Thus you see not the beauty in the people around you, and
the world around you, and the lessons that grace you everyday.

You can move mountains. You can walk on water. You can stretch
yourself to the four corners of the globe. You can walk into the heart
of any person that you desire to. You can walk into the heart of any
animal, of any flower, of any stone. You can walk into the dreams of
anyone past present or future. You have access through all times, all
dimension, all truths that have ever been spoken, or thought. You have
access to the library of failures and the library of successes. You
have access through the time holes, through the time doors that sit in
each one of your yards. You have access into the spirit of the wind.
Into the spirit of the birds, and the raindrops. There is nothing that
you cannot become one with. There is nothing that you cannot
experience. It is a merging, it is an emergence. You walk in one door
and out another door.

Become one with your day, with the sun, with the clouds, with the
people that you see so blinded by the cataracts of society. Let these
energies of seeing open up to you. See through all denseness, see
through all the ones that you love. See into the truths that are
hidden yet so exposed.

I am Quan Yin, Merge with me. I hold the womb of no time that I keep
you within, where all creation is birthed with a thought. I protect
you and love you. Place me in your heart. It is there that I do my
best work.