MARCH 11 - 17, 2007

Weekly Kabbalah Consiousness Tune Up

It's not easy. Pisces tends to knock us down and keep us down. There's a great lesson to be learned this month.

The Zohar tells us that one requires far more greatness and strength to ascend the spiritual ladder than one needs to conquer nations or amass great wealth in the material world.

The kabbalistic path is fraught with obstacles and tests. Sometimes, these tests knock us off our feet. Obstacles frequently leave us flat on our faces. When we lose our spiritual balance, it's important to stand up again rather than to sink into doubt and depression. The negative intelligent force that dwells in this world utilizes a twofold plan of attack:

make us fall and
keep us down through feelings of guilt and disappointment over our fall.
The paradox is getting back up again generally generates greater spiritual Light in the world than if we had never fallen in the first place.

Therefore, the fact that we fell is not what's important.

The act of rising up again is where true greatness is found.

This week we find the emotional strength to stand after we stumble, to rise after we fall, and to endure when the path seems unendurable.

To assist you in this, the kabbalists prescribe reflecting upon the 72 Name below. The influences emanating from the mystical shapes of this sequence shine a light on the secret resources of strength hidden within you.

All the best,


72 Name of the Week

I have now been bestowed with the emotional strength to stand after I've stumbled, to rise after I have fallen, and to endure when the path seems unendurable.