Speak Up For Health Freedom
by Owen Waters

You wouldn't think it could happen in the USA.

"The land of the brave and the free" is about to become a lot
less free unless enough of the brave stand up and voice their
opinions by April 30th.

The Food and Drug Administration plans to pass laws to
"protect" you from alternative health care, complementary
medicine and natural supplements.

If the FDA passes these proposed laws, you will no longer be
able to buy vitamins, visit a chiropractor, acupuncturist or
massage therapist... UNLESS you first obtain permission from a
medical doctor.

Now, I don't know how much your M.D. knows about natural
health care. Most of the doctors that I've met so far know
nothing beyond how to select the most capable, poisonous drug
to SUPPRESS the symptoms of illness. I have yet to hear one
talk about actually CURING an illness.

If this legislation passes, you will no longer be free to make
your own natural health care choices. The medical doctor from
whom you will HAVE to seek permission will have no knowledge
whatsoever of the many natural therapies which actually help to
CURE illnesses.

Make no mistake about it. While medicine has made great
strides in the last few decades, we are still very much in the

Alternative and complementary medicine IS the future. It is
from these fields that the miracle cures of tomorrow will
emerge... unless these emerging alternatives are squashed and
you are left in the tender care of the poisonous drug industry
and their Medical Doctor sales force.

In fact, this thinly-disguised ploy for power over your body
sounds more like the brainchild of a greedy drug industry
rather than the public servants whose duty it is to protect
you. With this legislation, they plan to protect you so
vigorously that, should you try to work around it, you will
face fines and prison.

Time is running out. The period for public comments on this
proposal ends on April 30, 2007.

The Health Freedom USA organization has made the public
comments process easy with a pre-defined petition to the FDA.
Just add your name to the list and you'll be joining hands with
millions of caring people just like yourself.

Either visit their web site at  or,
better yet, use this direct link to their active campaign: