Intensity abounds as March arrives with some powerful and pushing energies. The higher we begin to vibrate as a planet and as individuals, the more magnified everything becomes. When the energies increase in this way, it can feel as though much is pushing down upon us, thus creating bloating, intestinal difficulties, stress, spaciness with difficulty concentrating or remembering much, vision problems, deep periods of sleeping, and exhaustion. March is going to be a real kicker, and our precious little ones seem to feel these energies the most.

Things are most certainly being re-calibrated now….being re-arranged for this adjustment. The stock market here in the US with its recent substantial drop and movement, much in our individual lives, and even more on the very near horizon are manifestations in the physical. We are moving into new territory and as always, this calls for some maneuvering and re-aligning.

Several days ago a friend took me to an area that had just experienced a wild fire of about 5,000 acres. This was a truly awesome piece of land here in the White Mountains….a high energy spot close to town. As we looked out upon this area, it became so very clear what the energies were up to. A cleansing had indeed occurred….as these cleansings occur in areas that are being readied for a new higher level occupancy.

But what was the most prevalent was the incredible amount of light that was now being readily received. The earth, its inhabitants, and anything and everything residing on the planet now is being “opened up” to receive it. And a new and massive amount of light is most certainly here now. Energies, ways of being, ancient secrets, and much else that have been buried for eons of time, are now saying in effect, “It is safe now. I am ready to open myself to you. I am ready to offer to you myself as it is now OK for my secrets to be utilized upon the planet.”

We have reached a higher vibration as a whole and this then, triggers much. The mountains directly above the fire were wide open. With outstretched arms, they were willingly and lovingly bringing in massive amounts of higher vibrating energy….and it is here to stay (until, of course, we reach the next level!). But these higher vibrating energies are emanating from within the earth as well….and even more importantly, as the earth herself holds the keys to ascension.

There are many petroglyphs and ancient ruins scattered just about everywhere in the area where I live. Whenever I come across an ancient symbol or remains of the ancient cultures the message is always the same. They are crying out to be noticed now. They are saying, “It is our time once again. We have much to show you. We are now ready and willing to share our energies and ways with you. It is time.” Yes, it is time. It is time to begin showing the planet the higher ways. And we are the way-showers indeed.

Because we have finally reached this state of being…this place where enough of the masses are now ready and willing to accept the higher ways…it is now then, absolutely our time to begin the creation of the New World. Our president George Bush here in the US has done his soul work well. He is an incredible being indeed and knows exactly what he is doing at a soul level. He has successfully created a state of being here in the US (as the US is the forerunner for the world) where enough of the masses are disenchanted and willing to let go of the old. Things always have to get bad enough to summon a change….and the change that arrives will be one that has not existed on this planet for eons of time.

These are exciting and awesome times indeed. Around mid-March, these intense energies will begin to subside. Much will have been adjusted and re-arranged by then. It is as if we have been re-born on an entirely different planet, with entirely different opportunities, and as entirely different people. We are now much more connected to our soul selves. The suffering, pain, struggle, and much else that we endured as we were transmuting all these lower vibrating energies in the first phase of our plan, are now gone forever. And our beloved Anna Nicole Smith beautifully offered to take these energies with her when she departed, as she was embodying so many of them for us. It was the final farewell.

Over and over I have been receiving this message: No more struggle, no more pain, no more suffering. Only effortless creation, beauty, joy, peace, passion, gratitude, and all we have ever dreamed of. And fun!

When these higher energies and states of being mentioned above begin to arrive, they also come with an interesting by-product. Strangely enough, they can arrive with anger attached. And a great and unusual anger, if only a brief one. This anger is attached to our new and awesome manifestations right when they begin to arrive, because we have waited so long. It is a brief and intense knee jerk reaction to the fact that we have had to endure so much as lightworkers, and now that we are residing in the New Reality, it is easy to become angry about the past pains and great sufferings. Like a troublesome marriage where one partner finally changes after an entire marriage of discomfort, resentment can actually set in. This is because we never have to go there again. The anger is the final energetic and emotional piece of the last farewell.

And in addition, anything that does not feel effortless, as we are now residing in Heaven, or that feels tight, stressful, and not fun, is such a dramatic contrast to these new and higher ways of living and being, that they can create anger as well. They simply no longer fit the reality we are now residing in. This anger can arrive with no logical explanation. You may feel as though you are intensely angry, and you do not know why. Any leftover reality of the 3D world can bring frustration, as at some level, we know it is simply time to play…no responsibilities…..a time to play with our brothers and sisters, as we have finally “graduated” into a higher reality.

If you feel that you are not one who is experiencing this awesome energy now so ever present, or having experiences of magical occurrences and a very new beginning, know that the higher realms are right in front of you…or even right next to you. At times we may trip right over the higher dimensions. It is what we choose to focus on and allow into our spaces which provides the gateway to the New World. Simply shifting our focus and intention is enough to get us through the gate. I speak of this often in the new program, Stepping Into The New Reality (which will finally be ready in mid-March!)

So hang on to your hat for a little while longer, as March will be a month with much occurring energetically, and get ready for more awesome and amazing energies and manifestations due to arrive the second part of the month. Our perfect partners, our perfect lives, and the oh so wonderful unity that we have been craving for so long. Yes, we are finally here……..finally! The red carpet is before us indeed.