Have you ever felt uncomfortable being in a particular place or with people
where your stomach is tense and you get that ?I feel I should not be here?

This is your inner voices? way of telling you to move on or get out or it?s
not the right time to be here. For me it had a lot to do with self doubt.
Doubt the self and the inner feelings and you are likely to find that there
is a valuable lesson coming up in listening to your inner voice. NEVER DOUBT
YOURSELF. I recently got all my 10 fingers and 10 toes burnt for not following
my own inner voice and divine guidance.

Your seat of clairsentience (divine feeling) is in the solar plexus area,
your seat of power area. When this knots up and you feel tense, more than
likely you are coming into contact with beings that are negative or an area
or person or persons that is sucking your energy or power from you and by
you being there is just what happens. Learning to listen to your inner voice
includes knowing what is going on in your energetic field. This is an easy
process once you know how. Just don?t let the head get in the way and tell
you that ?you are being silly?. Your inner voice and clairsentience is your
higher self communicating to you loud and clear and trying desperately to
get your attention which the head is desperately trying to avoid.

Part of the awakening process is learning to listen to the inner guidance
that IS NEVER WRONG, not for you. All the advice from your friends is just
not going to do it. Oh you can talk about it, but the very best advice is
going to come from you to you. Sit quietly in a place where you can connect
firstly with your heart to the core of mother earths heart, and through your
crown to father sky, and surround yourself with the Elohims golden shaft
of light. Call in your angels who are assisting you, call in the Ascended
Master or any being of light that is able to assist you with your particular
problem or request, and they willingly assist with unconditional love, but
most important, call in your higher self to assist you. And for once just
sit and listen, clear your mind. Ask that the answer come to you in the
most perfect divine way just for you and ask for signs along the way that
the answer is coming. Be open to the receiving of this guidance. I always
ask for feathers. And they come. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK SPIRIT FOR ANYTHING,
they love assisting.

Do not be surprised if the answer comes in an indirect way, for spirit has
vision and the answer or guidance needed just for you can come in the form
of being guided to a particular book, or movie, or you may find someone may
just come up to you and say that ?I just have to tell you this?.

So do not short change yourself in receiving the guidance. Be open and attentive
to the voice of spirit for it comes in wonderful ways for spirit is never
boring and always full of passion.

The earth is a changing place, changing into a wonderful place of light
and it is through our hearts that we have to learn to listen to ourselves.
Always ask the question; WHAT IS MY HEART SAYING, and you will find that
it is never wrong, for the heart is the place of divine guidance. The head
is the place of human reasoning and always challenges divine guidance until
you have worked out the issues that need healing over that which you need

?Follow your heart and it will take you on a journey to a star?

Liat Nava Aliya