by Claudia Coleman

"I'm O.K. I'm Just Mutating!"
When I first saw that book title in the Sedona Journal of Emergence! I laughed.
That title explains in a few words the transformation our bodies are experiencing
as we navigate the Shift of the Ages. Deep down I feel fine in spite of every
cell in my body changing from a carbon- based form to silicon (crystalline).
One day my body feels perfectly normal. The next day It feels like the character
in the Terminator movie morphing into a glob of soft gooey metal. I've learned
on those days to get lots of rest, drink more water, eat lighter, and increase
my intake of green superfood, which tunes up my cells (like tuning up a car
for better performance). If we tune up we can gear up for a smooth Shift!

"To Die or Not To Die, That is the Question"
My first lesson about the true nature of health occurred after I was diagnosed
with terminal cancer. With a prognosis of 2 weeks to live, I was flown to
the cancer clinic by air ambulance. Questioning that bleak pronouncement
never entered my mind. It seemed there was no choice but to accept my fate.
During the debilitating chemotherapy treatments and resulting loss of hair,
a series of synchronistic events orchestrated by Spirit awakened an inner
knowingness in me. Gradually I realized that I didn't have to accept what
I was told by those in authority, that I did have a choice. Walking out of
the cancer clinic and choosing to take charge of my health led me on a wondrous
light-filled journey of learning and growth. I learned that the first step
in healing body, mind and spirit is to make the choice to be well.

"Chocolate or Sex?"
Is it true what they say about chocolate being better than sex? For one of
the 4 body types that may be true! Those of us who depend on the thyroid
gland for our energy and metabolism, tend to crave chocolate, sweets and
carbohydrates when the thyroid is exhausted. Cravings can lead to overindulgence
and weight gain. For the "Sweet Lovers" body type, fat collects in the lower
abdomen, hips and thighs, resembling saddle bags on a horse. After releasing
deeply buried core negative emotional issues and making some simple dietary
changes, many "Sweet Lovers" have been able to reduce their cravings and
keep those saddle-bags from filling up!

"The Chicken or the Egg?"
Are our emotional reactions to stressful events shaped by negative beliefs
and attitudes? Many mind-based healing techniques are based on the concept
that negative beliefs and attitudes can result from early childhood conditioning.
In turn, these beliefs condition our emotional responses to life's challenges.
It's been my experience that our beliefs can result from deeply buried negative
emotional issues that originated in early childhood or a past life. Unresolved
emotional issues accompanied by a strong emotional charge, tend to shape
our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. Unless
we release the negative emotional issues it is difficult to permanently change
our beliefs. In my experience, the greatest success comes from considering
both the chicken and the egg!

"Aren't I being selfish?"
Most of the old souls that I assist in my healing practice have already burned
off most of their karma. No longer experiencing the adrenaline rush from
creating more karma with the people in their lives, they have focused on
the process of releasing it. What still prevents many old souls from reaching
their highest potential, though, is self-karma, the deep and subtle issue
of self-love and self-acceptance. Conditioned in many religious and spiritual
lifetimes to believe that self-sacrifice and martyrdom are holy, and self-love
means selfishness, we find it difficult to fully accept our greatness as
co-creators with God. Ask your guides and angels to help you release the
fear of unconditionally loving and accepting yourself. And affirm often,
"I love and accept myself completely."

"Magnesium the Unsung Hero "
With the recent emphasis on calcium supplementation to prevent osteoporosis,
the importance of magnesium has been overlooked. Calcium and magnesium have
a synergistic effect. Neither works well without the other. Not only should
these minerals be taken together, they need to be in the proper balance in
order to be fully absorbed by the body. Without magnesium, calcium can be
deposited in the tissues resulting in conditions, such as, kidney stones.
Magnesium plays an additional role unknown to mainstream medicine. It facilitates
the transformation of human DNA from carbon-based (3rd dimensional with 2
active strands) to silicon (crystalline)-based (4th and 5th dimensional with
multiple active strands). As our frequencies increase, our need for magnesium
does also. Magnesium, the unsung hero, may yet take center stage.

"Transformation Trauma"
Many old souls are now stepping out into the world to begin or expand their
planetary service. This action is causing a number of deeply buried negative
emotions to surface around issues of abundance, self-worth, accepting one's
gifts and abilities, or offering their gifts and abilities at a global level.
For those of you who have successfully released core (past life) and current
life negative emotional issues and are still experiencing physical or emotional
challenges, you might be experiencing "transformation trauma." Negative emotional
issues specifically related to personal transformation and planetary service
have surfaced at this time accompanied by the additional challenge of the
subconscious mind attempting to prevent full activation of our planetary
service. I've learned that our subconscious mind which holds the memories
of all the lifetimes in which we have been persecuted, tortured or killed
for expressing our True Selves in planetary service, is refusing to allow
us to release the negative emotional issues permanently. Based on its memories,
it perceives that permanently releasing any obstacle to planetary service
would threaten our survival and therefore must protect us by refusing to
let go of the negative emotional issues. For my clients I've added a new
emotional release exercise specifically for these issues, so that they can
"boldly go where no lightworkers have gone before!".

"Are You Listening?"
Physical pain and symptoms of disease have a purpose. They are our body's
way of telling us that something is not working properly. This "body language"
alerts us to a breakdown in the internal communication network between the
body, mind and spirit. Pain and disease symptoms create an awareness that
the natural rhythmic patterns of the body have been disrupted. Rather than
interpreting the message that the body is trying to convey, many people automatically
reach for medications to dull the pain or reduce the symptoms. In extreme
cases, many choose to have the offending part of the body surgically removed.
That's like killing the messenger. Do you listen to your body language?

"Stuffing--Strictly for the Birds!"
Many of us were taught in childhood that it's not acceptable to express strong
emotions like anger. So, we learned to stuff our "negative" emotions deep
into our subconscious minds, never learning how to express our feelings appropriately.
In time, the chronic emotional pain can lead to another kind of stuffing--stuffing
our faces with food that seems to soothe the pain. If you have a persistent
weight problem that refuses to budge in spite of frequent dieting and physical
exercise, you might consider seeking help to identify and release deeply
buried emotions and leave the stuffing for the turkeys!

"Love me Tender."
With the recent Venus eclipse, the energies of unity consciousness through
unconditional love and compassion are now available to all. The hearts of
humanity are opening. Some are beginning to experience what it?s like to
give and receive love for the first time. This can manifest as a renewed
sense of connectedness and caring, a willingness to reach out to others without
fear. On the other hand, many who are fearful of change, and whose hearts
have been wounded and armored, are reacting quite differently to the same
energies. Heart problems and uncontrolled behavior, sometimes violent, are
ways emotional pain can be acted out. Women can develop breast problems as
a way of reminding them that their nurturing and tenderness must extend to
themselves as well. Perhaps if Elvis were alive today, he might change the
words of his song to, "I love me tender."

"Food for Thought."
Mental confusion and memory loss are generally attributed to the elderly.
However, many active lightworkers have been experiencing these symptoms as
well. As the cells shift from carbon-based to silicon- (crystalline) based,
and the 4th and 5th dimensional grids in the lightbody are put in place,
old magnetic (karmic) memory imprints are erased, leaving a temporary void
or blankness manifesting as memory loss or confusion. While popular supplements
such as ginkgo biloba and phosphatidyserine can assist with the symptoms,
other supplements can be more effective in increasing mental clarity while
facilitating cellular transformation. You might consider the following to
clear your mind: B complex, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, Siberian ginseng,
bee pollen, royal jelly, green superfood powder, and a whole gland concentrate
for your dominant gland.

"Your Sandbox or Mine?"
When yet another core negative emotional issue arises for a client to release,
I often hear, "Not another one! When is it going to be over? I?ve been working
on my spiritual growth, processing and releasing for years. It?s just work,
work, work!" The processing can seem overwhelming, especially now, as we?re
being urged to release all of our mental resistance and emotional debris
in order to complete our personal transformation and carry out our planetary
service during these rapidly changing times. However, We are also being asked
now to devote more time to gathering in groups to play, to nurture and support
each other, to celebrate who we are, to enjoy being in the moment, and to
create together. So, take some time off. Grab your pails and spades and go
play together in the sandbox. You?ve earned it.

"Was That One Lump Or Two?"
Do you sometimes feel as if you are carrying the weight of the world? Do
you feel like the perfect door mat? Would another challenge or responsibility
feel like just one more lump on your bruised and battered body? Many old
souls carry cellular imprints from previous lives of suffering, self-sacrifice
and martyrdom for others or for a cause. Carrying these remnants of core
beliefs of the previous Age of Pisces, can result in personal beliefs in
this life of being unworthy and a victim. If you are one of those just waiting
for the next blow to land, give yourself permission to release these outdated
core beliefs. After releasing them, affirm, "I am completely worthy. I am
safe and in control of my life. I am strong."

"The Best Investment."
Should I buy stocks or bonds, invest in real estate or new technology? There
are many financial advisors who can assist us in preparing an investment
portfolio. We often devote much time and thought to making these kinds of
investments, perhaps forgetting that one of the best investments we can make
is in ourselves! Investing time and energy into creating healthy lifestyles
and heart-centered relationships, clearing core beliefs and emotional issues,
building our Light Bodies to reunite with our Higher Self and I Am Presence,
not only reward us with good health, and satisfying relationships, but also
the joy of being able to contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

"The Longest Journey."
It has been said that the longest journey is often the few inches from our
head to our heart. In our society we value the intellect. For example, our
educational system is based on developing the masculine qualities of reason
and logic. Undervalued is the heart, the center of our soul, and the feminine
qualities of goodwill, compassion and tenderness. We neglect the heart centered
qualities at our peril. Headaches, worry, anxiety, insomnia, cancer and heart
disease are only some of the consequences of ignoring the heart. Toxic relationships,
crime and violence are others. When we cut ourselves off from our connection
to our soul and inner guidance, we lose our way to our God Source. We must
all eventually make the journey from our head to our heart in order to evolve.
Why not make it now? It takes time and commitment to release the issues that
keep us disconnected from our hearts. For temporary help try the following.
Place the palm of one hand on the forehead over the 3rd eye. Affirm 3 times,
"I am clear." Take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh. Now move
your hand and place it over your heart. Affirm 3 times, "I am here."

"Feeding Frenzy"
During the winter there was a great deal of publicity in the US and Canada
about the latest strain of flu virus. Everyone was strongly encouraged to
get a flu shot to prevent infection. There was such a response that some
cities ran out of the vaccination. Many Americans flew to Canada just to
get a flu shot. Long after the excitement died down, a brief news report
indicated that the flu strain was different from the strain the vaccination
was designed to prevent, likely rendering it ineffective. All were feeding
on the fear generated by the media, further reinforcing the general belief
that we are victims of fate living in a hostile universe and that we constantly
need to be on guard against attack. As lightworkers, we volunteered to facilitate
the transformation from a fear-based society to one based on trust, acceptance
and compassion. If highly charged events still trigger fear, it?s important
to identify and release the core issue that is being activated. After all,
we agreed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

"Check Your Baggage."
Do you know anyone who never throws anything away? Their closets are filled
to overflowing with clothing that dates back to prom night 30 years ago.
Every gadget known to mankind spills out of cupboards and drawers. Stacks
of old magazines perch precariously on dusty shelves. In airports, you can
see them struggling with baggage filled with enough stuff to supply several
travelers for months. All of this excess represents a lifetime (possibly
lifetimes) of unresolved emotional issues. Are you still struggling with
emotional baggage that keeps you stuck? Although you may need professional
assistance to access and release the deepest core issues, you can help yourself.
Affirm, "I forgive myself for feeling emotionally stagnant. I willingly release
all that no longer serves me." Then be willing to release with love whatever
emotions bubble to the surface. Clearing your emotional baggage. not only
contributes to your health by reducing stress, but also clears away the debris
that blocks the clear voice of Spirit.

"Heart Smart."
Do you have a dream? Have you taken your dream into your 5th dimensional
workshop, shaped it into a thoughtform (a shimmering bubble of Creator energy)
with your mind and charged it with your enthusiasm? Once you have created
a strong thoughtform that represents your dream, place your attention in
your solar heart center and listen for guidance to take appropriate action
to manifest your dream. Focus on following your dream with your heart not
your head. When you are focused in your head (thinking), anxiety and worry
predominate and your guides and angels cannot communicate with you through
the mental static. When you focus on the still point within your solar heart
center (the feeling and Being center of your soul) with your mind at rest,
your guides can communicate with you. It is through your heart that your
inner guidance gently nudges you towards the full expression of your life
purpose and planetary service.

"A Protein Primer."
After the fall of Atlantis when our consciousness fell in the extreme density
of the 3rd dimension, we lost our connection with Source. From that time
to the present, the message of spiritual masters has been about raising our
consciousness beyond the dense 3rd dimensional frequencies in order to reconnect
with our Divine Source. Lightening our frequencies in those times required
spiritual disciplines, such as strict vegetarianism, fasting, a contemplative
life in a monastery or cave. For a number of old souls today, who have already
achieved ascension in other planetary systems, the old disciplines are no
longer necessary to lighten their frequencies, including strict vegetarianism.
In fact, with the addition of some light meat and fish protein. lightworkers
of a particular metabolic body type, often notice an improvement not only
in their physical health and blood sugar levels, but also in their ability
to feel more grounded and present in their bodies, increasing their receptivity
to their inner guidance through their heart center.

"The Glands."
Glands are the physical counterparts of the chakras. According to the Rosicrucians,
the glands act like guardians for our existence. They "stand guard" at the
interface between the spiritual and the physical realm. Their function is
to transform the cosmic/spiritual energy of the chakras to the electrical/chemical
energy of the physical body. Each of the 7 chakras has a corresponding gland.
Each gland receives multidimensional spiritual energy from its corresponding
chakra. It then steps down the finer frequencies to the physical/material
level and distributes this life force energy in the form of chemical messengers
called hormones. The activities of all the body?s organs and systems are
regulated by hormones. Hormones are also carriers of thoughts and feelings
which are transmitted throughout the body. If a gland has been weakened by
prolonged stress, it cannot perform its function becoming a weak link in
the chain that can result in physical symptoms of dis-ease in its corresponding
organ or system. A weakened gland may need a nutritional supplement to support
its vital function in our bodies.

"Calling All Angels"
Did you know that water is a living energy? It has consciousness When you
drink or bathe in water you are merging its consciousness with yours. If
you could measure the consciousness (vibrational frequency) of tap water,
you would probably hesitate to put it in or on your body. Although water
purifiers are helpful in removing contaminants, they cannot eliminate the
vibrational imprint of any poisons and toxins that may have been in the water.
One way of clearing all negative vibrational imprints from purified water
and restoring its original frequency is to bless and recharge it. Wrap your
hands around the water container or glass. Center yourself in your heart.
Sense energy flowing from your heart and hands. Say silently or aloud: "With
love and gratitude, I ask the Angels to clear this water of all negative
frequencies, and recharge it with the love/light of the Creator. I give thanks
for this precious fluid of Life. So be it. And so it is." Your cleansed and
revitalized water will help to increase your precious body?s energy, not
drain it. If you are concerned about the water that comes out of your shower,
you can buy a shower head with a filter or adjust the Angelic Blessing as
follows: "With love and gratitude, I ask the Angels to protect my precious
body from all negative frequencies and substances for my greatest and highest
good. So be it. And so it is."

"Control Patrol"
Like well-trained dogs our minds patrol the perimeters of our energy field
on the look-out for anything that might threaten our security or force us
to change. Our perceived security needs are based entirely on our beliefs
about ourselves. Core Beliefs originate from childhood experiences, social
or religious conditioning. and traumatic events in other lifetimes. Although
forgotten, along with the events that caused them, they form the basis of
our personal Core Belief system which shapes our attitudes and behaviors,
often resulting in a need to exert control over a world that seems chaotic
and unsafe. Worry and manipulation are ways of trying to maintain control.
However, worry keeps us stuck in the past or the future, preventing us from
dwelling in the present. Manipulation of people and circumstances only adds
to our karmic load, keeping us stuck. Chronic mental stress drains energy
from our glands and immune system, and sends dis-ease creating messages to
our cells. Energy follows thought and what you focus on becomes your reality.
The power to create a more positive reality, to experience physical well_being,
and to manifest our dreams comes from spiritual awareness, mental clarity,
and emotional balance. To achieve mental clarity, we need to release all
Core Beliefs that keep us stuck in the left brain, the "worry brain", and
out-of-touch with our heart and intuitive right brain. We must be willing
to let go and to trust, and tell our control patrol? "You?re Fired!".

"Quantum Leap."
At this time, many Lightworkers feel like they are standing on the edge of
a cliff, facing a deep mist-filled chasm. In the distance, the other side
of the chasm, cloaked in mist, is beckoning them to their future but fear
is holding them back. Having reached the edge of their "known world", defined
by their comfort zone, they are being guided to cross the chasm into the
unknown and claim their Self-mastery. Uncertain if they can reach the other
side safely, and reluctant to risk radical change with an unknown destination,
they try to convince themselves why they can?t leave their current situation.
In the 3rd dimensional reality we are accustomed to creating our future by
careful planning before stepping out of our comfort zone. In order to cross
the chasm we might design and build a sturdy suspension bridge and have giant
fans blow away the mist on the other side to clarify our destination before
we commit ourselves to crossing. However, as part of our personal evolution
and planetary service, Lightworkers are now being asked to demonstrate 5th
dimensional creation. In 5D quantum reality, you create as you go. As you
step out of the safety of your comfort zone and off the cliff, you trust
that you can create endless possibilities as needed in the Now. With each
step, you might place a golden flagstone ahead of you, or perhaps a bridge
of Light under your feet. Or you might simply choose to make a quantum leap
directly to the other side and into your Self-mastery and the next cycle
of your personal journey.

"May You Live in Interesting Times."
This ancient Chinese curse, intended to condemn someone to a life of struggle
in a future time, could be referring to the present day. Those who interpret
the prophecies about the "end times" as being the "end of time" believe that
they are fated to be victimized by catastrophes. Many are experiencing what
they believe to be true as the thinning of the dimensional veils accelerates
planetary shifts enabling Earth and humanity to evolve into a 5th dimensional
vibration. All dimensional realities exist in the same time/space allowing
a single event to be experienced in different ways. For example, someone
hanging on to the fear-based 3D reality may be experiencing personal disaster
while another may be observing the chaos around them with compassion without
being personally affected by it. In fact, their very presence may be helping
to stabilize the area by anchoring Light. Being aware that we are experiencing
the "Shift of the Ages" and not the end of life, and by persistently holding
a vision of a positive and peaceful future, we can assist ourselves and humanity
to move through these tumultuous times with greater ease and grace.

"It?s Karma, Baby."
Early one morning I was nudged out of bed to "download" 2 new categories
of Core Negative Emotional Issues for my clients that many old souls will
benefit from releasing at this time to successfully complete their soul contracts.
Unlike our personal Core Issues of past-life and current-life origin, one
category is related to family karmic patterns passed down through the generations
on both our mother?s and father?s side, and stored in the DNA as a magnetic
imprint. These genetic family issues are the basis of latent disease patterns,
the ones that "run in the family". Medical research has discovered the importance
of dysfunctional genes in disease. They just don?t know how the genes became
dysfunctional in the first place! Once family karmic patterns have been released,
not only has your potential for activating a specific disease been eliminated,
but also future generations of your family will no longer carry that faulty

"The Pause That Refreshes."
Remember that well-known tv commercial? In our busy lives, we often forget
to take a pause. Some of us even carry our beverages around with us rather
than sit down and relax for a few minutes. How often do you take time out
during your hectic day? Are your mind and nervous system constantly in overdrive
just trying to keep up? As our physical bodies become increasingly impacted
by accelerating frequencies, we must learn to manage our energies. For example,
we need to schedule frequent breaks to prevent burn-out from chronic stress
that may eventually affect our physical health. Try this centering technique
several times a day to recharge and rebalance your energies. Find a quiet
spot to sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Take 3 long, slow deep breaths.
Gently move into your Heart Center. In the private chamber deep within your
heart, tune into the vibration of peace that resides there. Sense the quietness,
the serenity. Repeat slowly and silently in your mind 3 times, "I feel at
peace." Now sense the connection to your inner guidance. Feel your guides
and angels surrounding you, hugging and supporting you. Sense the Presence
of the Divine Now, the One-ness with All-That-Is. Repeat slowly and silently
3 times, "I feel at-One." Take a deep breath, open your eyes and go about
your day.

"You Light Up My Life."
Many old souls ask me in their 4 Body Assessments, "What is my divine mission,
my planetary service?" My reply is, "To anchor and spread the Light and you?re
already doing it!". As a group of souls, we agreed to provide physical vessels
through which cosmic frequencies can be transmitted, transmuted and anchored
in the planetary grids during this time of accelerated transformation. Just
by being here we are fulfilling a soul agreement to anchor Light codes of
ascension on our planet. However, what many Lightworkers really want to know
is, "What is my personal contribution; what are my gifts and abilities?"
Each one of us has brought unique gifts and abilities into this lifetime
to apply to a specific form of planetary service based on our soul contracts.
For most of us, our personal planetary service is revealed to us through
our inner guidance after blockages such as self-limiting Core beliefs and
Core Negative Emotional Issues have been released. It?s less about finding
our purpose or developing skills; and more about letting go of what prevents
us from accessing and activating the cellular memory of our innate gifts
and abilities stored in our DNA.

"A Weighty Subject."
Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in many countries. Most methods
for treating this condition are unsuccessful on a permanent basis because
there is no single cause. The most obvious contributor to weight gain and
most frequently treated by mainstream medicine is the nutritional aspect.
Poor nutrition habits, such as eating junk food, compulsive overeating or
vitamin and mineral deficiencies and lack of exercise are the most common
areas of focus. Reducing caloric intake to the point of starvation, overemphasizing
or eliminating one food group, drugs or radical surgery, can be effective
in the short term. However, some of these methods can slow the body?s metabolism
or affect its delicate hormone balance. Without a large dose of willpower
and self-discipline many diet and exercise regimes are difficult to maintain
because the underlying cause may continue to sabotage progress. The keys
to successful and permanent weight loss are: a glandular balancing nutrition
plan and regular exercise program based on your metabolic body type; releasing
negative beliefs or mental resistance to change; releasing issues related
to starvation, deprivation or desertion in past lives that continue to control
behavior in this life; releasing core negative emotional issues that affect
self-worth, self-empowerment and self-mastery; building a spiritual foundation
based on gratitude, joy, compassion and truth; and lastly?loving and accepting
yourself just as you are?a precious spark of God in physical form!

"Swimming Lessons."
As 2012 approaches, the massive acceleration of cosmic frequencies continues
to impact all of our lives by forcing change. Humanity is being awakened
from the trance-like state it has maintained for several thousand years,
repeating deeply ingrained behavioral patterns of self-sacrifice, victimization
and dis-empowerment. Taught to adapt to society?s outdated values and beliefs,
we are encouraged to live life on automatic pilot, questioning little and
changing nothing. Change affects each of us in different ways. For some,
change is refreshing, offering endless possibilities for adventure, creativity
and growth. Many people are increasingly willing to live more consciously,
taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions; willing to release
deep-seated fears and experience unconditional love. On the other hand, diseases
such as heart attacks, stroke, cancer and diabetes are on the rise as many
feel overwhelmed by changes in their personal lives that they feel powerless
to control. Feeling unsafe and unsupported, fearful and resistant, many find
themselves desperately treading water in a murky sea of ignorance. Those
who choose to face their fears and trust in their inner guidance will be
shown how to swim out of the sea of ignorance. To successfully ride the wave
of the Shift of the Ages toward a benevolent future, swimming lessons are
definitely recommended; and eventually we may find ourselves floating peacefully
on an Ocean of Love!

"The Report."
As eternal sparks of God, souls may choose to learn and grow through experiencing
life in physical forms. Each lifetime offers an opportunity to explore a
number of multi-dimensional realities. The blueprint for each life is shown
in one?s astrological chart calculated for the moment of birth. The birth
chart indicates any unfinished business (karma), specific lessons to be learned,
and perhaps certain qualities to develop. For instance, in your blueprint
there may be an emphasis on healing the physical body or emotional woundedness;
cultivating mature relationships or a spiritually-based value system; or
perhaps developing self-sufficiency, compassion or trust. When we graduate
from school at the end of each life we report on our experiences. What will
your report contain? Will you be able to report that you lived life to the
fullest with conscious awareness in alignment with your life purpose; experiencing
and honoring your feelings in relationships; connecting with nature and feeling
gratitude for the blessings you received? Did you learn and grow from your
experiences by fully engaging in life, expressing your True Self, and lovingly
offering your gifts and abilities to others? Or did you skip your classes
or sleep through them?

"The Field Trip."
Within the 3rd dimensional realm of duality, with 5 senses and an ability
to see only within the band of our visible light spectrum, mankind has long
believed that we are physical beings in a material universe separated from
our God Source. However, quantum physics and advanced imaging technology
are leading to a greater understanding of the true nature of reality in the
form of energy fields. New vibrational technology and healing techniques
are also expanding our perception to include the possibility of energy fields
surrounding and interpenetrating our physical bodies. In fact our essential
being is an energy field in which our physical body is embedded like a raisin
in a bowl of Jell-0. In turn, our individual energy fields are embedded within
the energy field surrounding the Earth, seen by astronauts who have journeyed
beyond Earth?s atmosphere. Planets are embedded within the field of their
solar system, which is embedded within the field of the galaxy; the galaxy
within the universal field; the universe within the omniversal or Source
field. As physical beings who have forgotten our true nature and origins,
we may believe that we have traveled far from Source and become separated.
In truth, we are fields within fields, the microcosm within the macrocosm,
bubbles within bubbles, interconnected, interactive, unified, One.

"Remember Lemuria."
Several years ago, after receiving a nudge to move to Vancouver Island off
the west coast of Canada, I found myself standing alone on the deck of the
ferry boat. I was gazing at the effect of sunlight dancing on the water,
when suddenly a pod of whales breached in front of me. A wave of love washed
over me along with the words, "Remember Lemuria...emotional healing." After
settling in Victoria, my meditations began to reveal Lemurian emotional healing
techniques. I was shown how to "dive into our ocean of emotion" to identify
and release negative emotions attached to memories stored in our DNA of every
traumatic event we have experienced in our many lifetimes on Earth. I was
shown how these unresolved core negative emotional issues not only cause
chronic stress and disease in our lives but also block our energetic connection
to our Higher Self and God Self. The energy that connects us to our multidimensional
Selves like a superconductor is emotional energy. Identifying and releasing
all of our core negative emotional issues restores our clear connection to
Source, accelerating the ascension process. And when you affirm, "God I Am",
you can feel the spiritual energy surging through your body!

"Learning Curve."
In my healing practice, I frequently see clients suffering from chronic headaches
and insomnia who are also hyperactive and impatient with a "busy" brain that
never stops. Many of them experience physical symptoms, such as poor digestion,
assimilation and elimination from being ungrounded and completely focused
in their minds. They are out of touch with their bodies and their emotions
and impatient with the process of spiritual growth. Intent on achieving ascension
quickly, many are addicted to learning, taking advantage of every opportunity
to gather more knowledge that will accelerate their growth. With so much
information, they are overwhelmed by spiritual indigestion! Gathering knowledge
is only the first of several steps in the ongoing process of returning to
Source. Knowledge must be transformed into wisdom by integrating (embodying)
it and experiencing it in our life. We need to gradually assimilate it into
our cells through being grounded and fully present in our body. Eventually
we will be asked to share what we have fully integrated into our life. Remember,
ascension is a process not a race. The formula is: Learn it and earn (integrate)
it. Then Live it and Give it.

"Power Trip."
Several years ago I learned from Archangel Michael that taking on a female
body in this incarnation was not my first choice. I wanted to be a powerful
male so that I could make a difference. My childhood fantasies were not about
boys and romance (although occasionally I did dream about marrying the school?s
star soccer player. He was SO cute). I daydreamed about helping people as
Superman flying faster than a speeding bullet, or as a spiritual warrior
wielding a sword of Light and soaring across the skies on a white horse.
Little did I know I would grow up to be a transformational healer helping
people release their dis-empowering core emotional issues and rediscover
the true nature of power. For thousands of years power has been defined by
the male principle as "power over"---"I win, you lose"---which is the hierarchical
power to subdue and dominate, the exclusive power of mind and body. However,
many old souls now in female bodies have agreed to release dis-empowering
core past life issues, such as feeling unworthy or victimized, and restore
the inclusive power of the feminine principle defined as "power with"---"I
win, you win"---which is the spiritual power of the heart/soul.

"Reach for It."
During the previous Age of Pisces the path of spiritual evolution for humanity
was through salvation guided by an individual savior. We spent many lifetimes
prostrated in supplication and prayer before those we considered our spiritual
superiors. Martyrdom, suffering and self-sacrifice were considered saintly.
During this current Age of Aquarius there will be no savior, as all of humanity
now have the opportunity and the responsibility to accept their self-empowerment
and don their cloak of Self-mastery. The path of salvation through atonement
has evolved to the path of ascension through at0NEment. The word atonement
is being restored to its original meaning. The symbol of Aquarius is the
Water Bearer, the Being who pours out the waters of life on all. In order
to taste of the waters of life (universal consciousness) each of us must
rise from the floor, release the chains of powerlessness and victimization,
and catch the waters of life in our own hands.

"Deep Impact"
Several years ago, I read an article in an astrology magazine that referred
to the energies of Pluto as the "cosmic colonic". Direct and forceful, Pluto
provides a powerful thrust towards spiritual evolution through deep cleansing
and transformation. With the current transit of Pluto over the point of the
Galactic Center, we are experiencing accelerated evolutionary energy. Many
people are being pushed relentlessly towards change through failing health,
loss of work, failing relationships or natural disasters. Painful emotions
and memories that have been deeply buried are being forced to the surface
for release. With an unprecedented opportunity for humanity to make a quantum
leap in spiritual growth towards a more universal consciousness, it?s interesting
that scientists have recently decided to downgrade Pluto from a planet to
a planetoid, perhaps to try and reduce it?s evolutionary impact?