Online Message from the Masters

February 14, 2007

Anshallah! Ansi ansitu analleah!

Greetings from within that which is light and all Truth.

So, you have entered into that which is the alignment of the trinity. The
perfection of harmonics in your most vital dimensions as they affect your
humanity. In this alignment, who have you become? Do you feel even remotely
different that you did moments or hours ago? Perhaps you have begin to notice
that your thoughts have become more clear. That your feelings are not only
streamlined, but close to expression at any given now.

Perhaps you have noticed that your hearts are opening, widened in their capacity
to carry and transmit love, receive that which is love back to replenish
that which is you. Of course you have always had this capability. The current
alignment brings you back into harmonization with the One within you, the
One for which you strive in all your perceptions of less than.

You cannot possibly be less than anything for you are that which is all things,
all things being you. Therefore all perceptions that you may have of others,
you are having of yourself. That which is the very implication that you are
less that perfect is merely part of the overall illusion which you created.

Now you are free.

We reiterate: Now you are free.

What makes this now of a note in which your freedom is so easily gained?
We will tell you. It was never lost except in the illusion that you did not
have it. How can you not? Impossible! You are and have always been the very
light which you have sought. Your need to look outward driving you to find
all but that which you had sought.

But now, as you stand counted amongst all those who choose to rise above
the imaginings of the mind and into the realms of all things possible as
your higher and earthly selves have come to union you find that there is
no room to doubt any longer.

Time as you have known it passes as if a blur. Your perceptions of that which
is time have changed. Have you noticed how much you do in any given day?
Have you noticed that there is more in a moment that some have seen in lifetimes?
That is because your consciousness has risen beyond its earthly perceptions
and into that which is the infinite. The infinite is creeping into your awareness
as you become reconditioned to multiple and infinite abilities to observe
every nuance of every moment.

As the channel of light moves through you today and for the next three days,
you are being cleansed of that which you have hidden. Cleansed of the illusions
you created for yourself to justify that which you thought were imperfections.
The key word here being ?thought?. Your consciousness, being superluminal,
faster than the speed of light, is finally outrunning your thinking selves.

Many of you have had memory issues of late, short term memory being nearly
non existent. Of course and as it would be. Your consciousness keeps track
of everything without the need to create logic. Because of this, that ever
sentient part of you misses nothing. Remembers everything. And carried it
forward on the wings of each moment as that which is needed comes.

As you become aligned in this now, and your non earthly aspects align with
you, you become of the greatness of the highest order. You are children of
the Light. As you are cleansed with the golden ray, that which was hidden
deeply within you comes forward. Much of this leaved you peacefully as if
it were an old friend whom you have outgrown. If there remains resistance,
that which was hidden leaves anyway, but perhaps in its resistance created
havoc with you. Truly we say to you that the havoc is all your own creation
for unless you challenge yourself, stretch the nature of your reality you
will become complacent beings who are bored with your journeys. Bored indeed!

Step forward and celebrate that you have willingly and faithfully stepped
into change. Leap into your being with eyes wide open and hearts on fire
for that which you have always been meets that which you thought you were.
Are they of equal nature? Look again. How could you have ever been that which
you were not? Impossible except by perception!

And with this, we deliver to you a message form all of creation. You as humanity
are at a pivotal point in your existence. It is within this very alignment
that the countdown to the end of an age has begun. Not the end of the world.
The end of an age. You stand on the precipice of choosing the direction in
which your world will go. It is time for the choosing, and the choosing is
up to each of you.

Will you bring the obviosity of choice of life, of love, of mutuality no
matter what your beliefs of your fellow man? Or will you remain complacent
as one amongst the other takes life after life, destroys the very planet
which sustains all life as you know it?

It is time to bring forward greater reality. How will that reality become
in your perception? In the perception of others?

You see, Dear ones, in order to effect change, you must become the change.

Embody the very existence that you desire. Take that new beingness out into
your world as an example of greater life, of the possibility that each of
you in your world are a vital part of the One, of Light. The possibility
that beyond the illusion exists a world of greatness which is filled with
peoples of a magnitude of Light which is far beyond any manifestation unto
this now.

You see, all manifestation is created of the possibility that it may exist.
All of reality is created of the possibility that it already exists. And
if it has existed, then it must exist for all reality is simultaneous. Heaven
and Earth meet every moment in someone?s reality. When enough of you choose
this very possibility it must be so for it has always been so.

The true power of your very being is the ability to imagine that which can
be for in the infinite realm of possibilities all that you can imagine already
exists on some plane. Reach far into your inner light and imagine beginning
a thousand years of peace. Stretch that thousand years into infinite possibilities
for greater humanity and ride the crest of the wave as you move into a true
shift of ages.

You are that which you seek. You have never been less. Be in peace.

Antui anilah ensitu, asi, asi, asi.

In this now that light which is we touches that light which is you and that
light is?