From the Masters

January 23rd, 2007

Anshallah! Entui, asitu nehallah! From within the Light we greet you who
are we.

Greetings Dear Ones! It is that it comes to pass a time if shifting changes
within your world and in fact all of creation. There are signs in your world
which have been prophesied in ancient times. There is a cosmic shift about
to occur that will change your earth time relationships as well as for some
of you, your space/time perceptions.

As we mentioned in our previous transmission, there comes a trinity alignment.
This being one of a series of events which leads to the shift of energies
in 2012. Each event is of historic and energetic significance as each changes
the relationships locally, inter-dimensionally and energetically as well
as communicatively throughout creation.

This particular alignment is an astrological event which takes place holographically
and harmonically. All astrology, all astronomy, if you found your true eyes,
is holographic in nature. It is multi-level in reality and the effects of
alignments and mis-alignments.

There is a comet soaring across your northern skies at this time and soon
to be visible to you in the southern hemisphere. What you must know is that
this comet is a harbinger of things to come. It is that which comes before
the major shifting occurs. This shifting begins on February 9th at 8:07 pm
CST and will achieve perfect alignment on February 14th of your year 2007
at approximately 9:07 a.m. CST.

This trinity alignment is an alignment of celestial bodies in the third,
ninth and 12th dimensions. These dimensions represent and affect your human,
mental and source aspects. In other words, this alignment brings to you an
alignment of your third dimensional selves, your ninth dimensional high mental
selves, and your soul essence. This is a trine of perfect balance. This is
a trinity of beingness in which your multi-dimensional aspects will align
with the perfection of you, encompassing your human self and your soul being
simultaneously with a perfection of harmonic resonance which has never been
experienced by humanity. This is an event that is written in the rocks of
your lands by those ancients who came before you. It is of information left
by star visitors to your planet in the before times.

Because of the alignment, there is further activity in the form of Star Gate
alignments. We reiterate: This event can be found in the angulations between
dimensional gateways and will be repeated from the dimension of the third
three times to the dimension of the 12th, where we are resident. This trinity
of gateways, this triad of geometric configuration is a triple trinity. Three
triads in three dimensions three times, all intertwined. This is the perfect
example of how the sacred geometries which were known in the before times
and continue to serve well are held within each and available for teaching
can bring fullness of teachings instantaneously to you.

With the alignment comes a unification of multi-dimensional energy flows.
Rather than the energies remaining behind the veils so to speak, many of
you will see and hear and feel those beyond your local reality during this
trinity effect. Do not be of consternation. It is as it would be and of no
harm to you or your sense of reality unless you choose that to be so.

The alignment which takes place will bring to you a channel of direct communication
with your soul being and passing through a high enough mental plane that
you are able to grasp immediately that which you need to know without needing
to understand or justify your experience.

What we are saying is that you are coming into a period of days when your
harmonics are adjusting in balance, to perfection and with harmonic resonance
which allows you to bring immediate results to whatever you intend. This
is a leap in the evolution of all souls.

It is a time to assess your soul journey as through out those days you can
consciously choose with results the direction in which you wish to go as
a soul essence. At the same time, you may also easily choose to step into
your Mastery - Your Mastery of Self, your Mastery of belonging to the One,
and where you intend to take your Mastery.

Will you take it out into your world, sharing that which you have become
as a light being? Will you choose that after you have fully encompassed your
experience on earth to teach others on your earth or beyond? Or will you
be one who magnifies the light, connecting the grid, the union of souls upon
your earth at this time? Who will you be with the new energies?

Do you know where you are going? It doesn?t matter, truly. What does matter
is how you go about each path within your journey and the balance you keep
along the way. In our last transmission we spoke of the 8 keys to maintain
your balance during these times. Use them, they are yours. They are you.
That you may remember, we reiterate:

The keys are:

Acceptance of the journey for which you have come ? why fight the very things
which you have come to learn?

Be that which you are, not that which you perceive others would see you ?
You are created of light, of Grace, and of that there cannot be imperfection,
only that which is of Spirit. You do not need to improve yourselves, only
to acknowledge that which is your God self, your perfect being.

Accept Your Power ? You are great and mighty. True Power comes not of ego,
but the collective One of your Spirit. True Power is Gentle Power. You are
of the light and in its seemingly nebulous construct is the essence from
which all things are made. To fear inner power is to suggest that you are
less than all other things. In Truth, power is of Grace, not of abusiveness
or negative use. True Power is that which is Love, the intentional living
as co-creator from within all opportunities that are offered you.

Take your value, your perfection, your power, your Grace into your world
? In the Now that always is, change only comes from practice of change. What
this means is that to effect change you must embody it. Walk your talk, do
not hide that which you know. Historically, that which is hidden is viewed
as heresy in relation to the accepted norm. To change this, it is to create
a new accepted norm with ease and Grace by virtue of walking within the very
light from which you are created.

Love yourself and touch everyone you encounter with love ? As all energy
exchanges, what will you accept from others and what will you leave behind?
See all others as mirrors of yourselves, that their pain resides somewhere
within you, that their joy is your heart as well. This is why random acts
of kindness make such a difference. Remember that you often say ?There by
the Grace of God go I?? It is so. It has always been so.

In the coming changes are opportunities for you to break away from the old
patterns which became habits of living over time. If you are aware, if you
are in and of each moment, you will find that doors will open for you with
opportunities for expansion, for life changes, for greater reality far beyond
that which you would have even imagined.

Change follows chaos, and as we have stated many times as we have accessed
your world, the result of chaos is magnificence! Once the fear and uncertainty
of change is addressed, and change is embraced, what occurs is likely a change
of life direction, or an affirming of the current direction. Go with Grace.
Carry Peace in your hearts and as you do you will change the world in which
you currently exist by virtue of your very being.

You are powerful and you are not limited by anything except your perceptions.
If you find that it feels as if you are up against a wall, that life isn?t
going the way you imagined it would be, change your perspective. Change your
mind. Do that and you have changed your world in a rapid way.

And what of the changes which come? Openings. That is how we choose to see
them. As if cosmic doors open to show you the way home, to open your rememberings,
to bring into your hearts, in fact, your very beingness, that which has always

The separation which many of you feel is not of divine nature, it is of human
nature. Only the human mind can allow for the possibility that each of you
is aside of all else. The greatest lie in all creation. Allow yourself to
see in all others, those mirrors of self which you have perhaps denied. Allow
yourself to see in all others that which is of joy and that which is of pain.
Their joy is yours as well, as is their pain. As you allow your guard to
drop, your true self to honor and accept all avenues of being, what occurs
is an opening of your heart in such a way that the truth must be found. There
will be no defenses left and that which you have sought your entire life
will be found within your very existence, in the very fact that you are.

As the trinity aligns and occurs it will remain in effect for three days
seven hours and 43 minutes seventeen and forty three hundredths seconds.
. During that time, focus on where you intend your journey to go. Focus on
not that which was or that which might be, but instead, that which is Now.
Now is all there ever has been. That which was is done and that which has
not yet been is purely speculation or imagination. That being said, the truth
is the moment. Now. Only Now.

Be in Peace. Be that which is infinite Love.


Asi, Asi, Asi.