ET First Contact

Diane 17-January-2007

The mass awakening on Earth is quite astounding and beyond our expectations.
Not that we did not think that you were capable of such expansion of consciousness.
It is the sudden increase of vibrations, as more of you are finding the way
to empower yourselves. The dark can do nothing at all to stop such development,
and they know that it is a sign that you are taking back your power to create
what you desire. You do not have to wait for others to concede to your demands,
you create your future through your will and intent.

Can you imagine what changes may take place in the course of this year. There
are really no limits, and it is down to you and your confidence to trust
in Humanity to lift everyone up out of the gloom and darkness. Powerful centers
of Light are springing up all over the world, and they are creating the very
energies you need to bring about the positive changes you seek. It is so
wonderful to see what you doing as a matter of faith, and you will soon reap
the full benefits.

We have helped you along, but all credit must go to those of you who have
steadfastly stuck to your tasks. Every contribution helps, and in the long
term everyone will benefit. The dark are no match for you warriors of Light,
and it is your determination to take back your freedom and sovereignty that
will win the battle. Instead of waiting to be saved, you have taken the initiative
and are creating your own salvation. What joy we experience at your success,
and this allows us and the legions of heaven to come closer to you than ever
before. Feel our presence around you, and know we can guide you if you allow
us near enough.

In the midst of your daily lives you find sufficient time to address the
matters most important to your future. It is not egotistical to think of
self and set out the way towards the fruition of your dreams. You cannot
sit around waiting for things to happen and must be active at a mental level.
Allow your vision to see the manifestation of your desires. The greater power
comes from joint efforts and a focus on the outcome. It will be yours in
accordance with Universal Law, as the Law of Attraction is immutable. It
has directed your path through many lifetimes, when you were unaware that
you were the driving force.

A new Man is being born, one who has recognized his divinity and taken it
back to be a co-creator with God. Your thoughts and prayers are magnificently
creating the power that is bringing the changes into being. It creates chaos
for a period for a time but the outcome is assured, and as the dark are removed
from the picture so the Light will come streaming forth. It is waiting to
burst out in a glorious show of unity and love, and it will have a lasting
effect that will carry forward into the final years.

We have long passed these markers that show you the way to Ascension. However
we are not without feeling and understanding of the tremendous sacrifice
you are all making to ensure this cycle ends with victory for the Light.
It is to some people?s minds a mysterious time that exceeds their present
ability to comprehend it, and they wonder how in the midst of turmoil a path
to lasting peace is being created. Help these people when they come to you,
and they will benefit from your positive outlook and you will be able to
lift them up. You are all together in this final thrust to bring an end to
the cycle of duality. No one here at this time will fail to benefit from
these experiences, and those who cannot lift up for Ascension will still
take knowledge of these times with them. It will remain in their subconsciousness
until another cycle presents the opportunity to ascend once more.

When we meet you will feel our higher vibrations as pleasant, and exuding
a peaceful yet powerful energy that will uplift you. You will experience
the energy of love that is our countenance, and you will know beyond doubt
that we come in Love and Light. You will see the perfection in our very being
and everything that we have created. You too shall reach these levels before
this cycle is completed, and it is a most natural development as you return
to your normal state that you enjoyed before you dropped down into duality.

Throw off the self-image that you have created through millennia of time
as it is not the real you, as are magnificent Beings of a higher station
in life amongst the stars. Accept that you are greatly loved for leaving
the delights and wonderful perfection of the higher realms, to experience
for the advancement of others who will follow. Because you were veiled from
the truth of your true selves, you have thrown yourselves wholeheartedly
into your roles. It would have been a more painful experience had you known
who you really were.

We treat you all equally, and help every bit as much those who are still
unawake, indeed in some ways they need help more than any others. Have compassion
for these people and rather than condemn them, see beyond their outer self
and see the soul that struggles to get back into the Light. You will all
get there eventually, and at all times are given guidance although it often
seems a lonely journey.

Dear Ones, your journey is nearly over and we are ready to celebrate your
success with you. A wonderful new feeling is about to spread over the Earth,
and it will come from a sense of the impending release from the dark. Your
expectations are high and you are right to consider this year as one of great
importance and fulfillment. Go forward with full confidence, knowing that
your path has already been mapped out to a successful completion.

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and I tell you of a great feeling
of joy amongst us, and excitement as we see how events are rapidly moving
along upon Earth. You cannot imagine how important your completion is to
you, to Mother Earth and the Solar System as a whole. It is not that you
could have held progress up, as many paths were open that would have seen
completion. However, the one that has been activated will enable many more
to achieve Ascension. We love you and your dedication to your tasks.

Thank You Diane.
Mike Quinsey.