Sananda, Jan 16, 07

Message from Sananda 1-16-2007
As most of you have seen there is a decided turn to the events of the day.
With this turn you will find a larger amount of people are turning to the
Light. They are finding their inner guidance and are opening doors to their
own inner wisdom, and trusting more of what they feel and what they intuit.
This is a wonderful change, for with this there is bound to be a strength
that comes in the events of the day that serve the Light, rather than the
ones who would see their own agenda?s followed.

I Am Sananda, and with this message I seek to remind you of the ability you
have to present to the world your truth in a non-invasive way. You have the
ability to bring to others the truth of your being without presenting an
argument against theirs, for you see that theirs is their own perspective,
as is yours, and living in harmony is possible in this diverse world.

Sitting here I watch as you all wend your way through these days and nights.
I watch as the Light of knowing comes on for you and the expected revelation
fills your heart and soul with joy and love. You find a new way of looking
at something, and your heart rejoices in the coming. This enables you to
then look at the outer world in a whole new way, one that gives you peace
where once you found none.

Is this not what you have known would happen, on some level of your being?
Is this not the tie that binds you no more to the constancy of the illusion?
With this newfound freedom you can now see before you and anticipate that
which is in the stream of events for you and even in many cases for mankind.
This affords you the opportunity to take the steps that will lead you to
a promise fulfilled, and a song sung out in revelation.

I see your faces and I hear the beat of your heart. I feel the love with
which you accompany the others in your life; I feel also the building compassion
that you send out to those who are in the trenches and searching for their
way out of the captivity that surrounds them. I see also the release that
your compassion gives to those who are listening, and as well to the shackles
that have kept you bound for so long.

Take care to see the ones who are still bound to their own shackles and see
them as I do, lost and without hope for a better tomorrow, for they are the
ones who built the world they live in, therefore they see no way out except
to push the way they have been pushing for all these eons of time. They remember
nothing else, and as they push, they know not that they push downward, rather
than up into the Light of Divine release. Your compassion can reverse that
momentum if they waver at all and allow their tuning in to the spark that
eternally lives within.

I speak to you now of the children, the ones who have come in to this lifetime
and are looking at the world in a different way than many of the adults walking
this earth today. These children came into this lifetime to present themselves
as a truth that bears well to listen to. Many of them came to parents who
listen already and encourage their laughter and their joy in knowing who
they are. Many of them come born to parents who are finding the challenge
of understanding where these darling ones are coming from, fearing that they
are allowing their imaginations to run away with them, and lead them into

These children have come into these parents lives for the soul purpose of
speaking to their inner light and assisting them to the awakening of the
bells that ring in the new freedom of truth. As these children speak of their
own reality they present to their parents the opportunity for growth in their
quest to their own Spirit and to their understanding of the bigger picture
of what is taking place today.

In many cases the voices are mere whispers in time. For others they are shouts
to be recognized for who they really are. These are the children who reach
out for someone else who can reinforce the knowledge that they are rightly
on earth to make a difference in someone?s lives, If you are in contact with
one of these children, it is because you have something you can share with
that child in order for the truth to be honored and reinforced in a way that
encourages rather than covers up the truth. Reach out to these children and
offer them a helping heart and a willing soul of communication and love.

As I leave this message this day, I would like to take a moment to remind
you of something that bears mentioning. This is that as the changes on earth
come about there are to be many climactic changes that will cause temporary
hardship for some people. Those who leave the earth plane have chosen this
way for their departure. We send them our love and blessings and their families
our compassion. Please know that this is by far less than would have been
the case if certain people had not taken the road they are now taking. There
has been such an influx of light energy from the people on earth who have
found their way to a truth of light, that their influence of the atmospheric
and internal energies of Gaia have experienced a great deal of release in
the transmutation of pent up energies of negativity.

This has lessened the upheavals that at one time would have resulted from
the emergence of the negative energies in full release at one time. The gradual
release has lessened the intensity of the changes and Gaia is eternally grateful
to all of you for the love and compassion you have extended her way. With
the freezing rains and ice storms of the past days, there would have been
ferocious winds and much more damage than has been experienced. Gaia?s tears
are meant to cleanse the land, for they are filled with the love and compassion
for all of you, and the upheavals you have agreed to in the communications
between heaven and earth.

As the cleanup begins and the temperatures reach a level that is more conducive
to comfort, know that Gaia is co-operating with the love and compassion,
and that she yearns for the time when all on earth will be in perfect harmony
and the climate will reflect the peace and love that lives in the hearts
and souls of all.

I leave this transmission now, and I send forth love to all of you. My love
and compassion spreads forth into every heart and every soul and fills you
with the Light of the Christ. Receive it from whence it comes and know it
reflects the love of All That Is.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,
Love, Nancy Tate