Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
5 December 2006 at Marina da Gama, Cape Town

"Configured Energetic Healing Vitesse"
Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here this very night. Tonight we are on a little agenda. The few people here have worked with Kryon over many, many lifetimes. There is much love between you all but there is also much karma, much karma. Although you don't relate closely with one another in this lifetime, in this room everyone has had some form of relationship with one another, in fact with everybody and there is a deep understanding, a mysterious secret understanding which flows between you all.

You are all on a mission to change this planet and turn it into something very special, not that it's not special already, but even more special ? to turn it into a place of love, into a place where love is the only answer. It has always been the truth of planet earth that love conquers all and love is the answer to every problem. It may sound a little glib and a little overstated but love is the answer to every problem. A problem is the absence of light; a problem is a misunderstanding or an emotion out of place, a relationship not working. Problems, problems, problems! There is an absolute myriad of problems but everything is created inside you. Therefore a problem is not a problem but an answer waiting to happen. It is something inside of you where the relationship between certain aspects of yourself, the energy, is not flowing well and that is about to be changed at this very moment. You are about to release an enormous amount of karma with the love of Kryon. We want to see this for you all have done great work on yourselves this year. You all need a little bonus to take into the new year, a little bit of express accelerated healing that will take you to a new level of consciousness, to a new state of being, a state where you are creating out of love more and more in your life. You have all served Kryon very well in the past, not meaning this lifetime but many lifetimes before. You have all spent much time in Lemuria and Atlantis and also in many different universes. Wherever Kryon has worked your spirit has been employed in expanding consciousness. You are all in a space where you know what we are talking about, for this is about love ? this is about accelerated healing ? this is what the Kryon teachings have always been about, channelled through David Brown. It's the way to live your life successfully here on planet earth, to bring through a consciousness of love, freedom, ecstasy and joy. These teaching brought to you by this channel are meant to do exactly that and if followed closely this will happen very, very quickly.

Tonight we are going to do a process that will become a standard process for healing people on this earth and making them aware and conscious and allowing love into their hearts and allowing them to become solid sound citizens in this world ? citizens that can take their power, hold their space and can see lies before they hear them and live their lives in truth, in absolute truth. This is what brought you to Kryon ? it's the work, it's consciousness, it's understanding, it's love. It's the absence of all these things and the knowledge of all these things. Inside of you all you are all-knowing but it is how to bring that all-knowingness into you body and your life and how to implement it in the life that you live. There are no strict rules that Kryon has laid down about how you must live your life apart from the fact that one's life must be experienced in order to gain knowledge. You cannot sit on the fence all your life and gain knowledge. The only knowledge that you get to know sitting on the fence is that sitting on the fence is what it says! There is no experience of life stuck in your head wondering, pondering, thinking ? there is nothing physical in those attributes.

There is much love in this world Dear Ones, there is much love where you can have whatever you want for yourself and your life without having to work the rest of your lives in a factory, or over a computer or however. Slowly but surely the art of manifestation is beginning to happen here on this earth and this will happen en masse. The art of manifestation will happen for everybody within the next few years which is a short, short time frame. We have been working constantly and relentlessly to fully understand what has gone on on this earth and fully understand exactly how energies have been manifest and what the true configuration of human energy is. The true configuration of human energy is virtually non-existent on this planet. There is hardly anybody that lives their life in their power and if they live it in their power often they are not happy doing it, often there are malfunctions, idiosyncrasies constantly go on and on. Even if you have abundance of wealth it is not truly valued.

We are here to bring you a process where you can have abundance and love at the same time. You can have a good feeling about being abundant and being in absolute abundance. You can have love in your hearts and money in your pocket. It's not all about money; it's about creating what you really want in your life. Whatever you want you can have because it belongs to you already. The problem is that you have not expanded into a being that can hold what you're wanting, what you're dreaming of and everything on this planet is a direct reflection of the Universe in which you live. Therefore the sun is the father, the earth is the mother and the moon is the child. Father Sun holds Mother Earth in its orbit, there is an agreement between the two. Mother Earth has her experience as does Father Sun. It is an experience of consciousness, of understanding, of relatedness, of Oneness. Even though the sun and the earth are two separate objects they are still one within the Universe although they have the freedom of their own expression within set guidelines. This is no different to men and women on this earth but so much has gone out of balance within the energy field of a human beings. It's been very difficult to find people who can process themselves enough to regain that consciousness and the configuration of being a true human being. Not only that but this has to be done in a conscious way. If you have that configuration of energy anyway you are unconscious of how you came about it and if you healed yourself in such a way that your healing was unconscious and you came about this consciousness ? you are still unconscious about the consciousness.

There is a definite hierarchy on this planet and a definite sharing of consciousness irrespective of religious belief. There is a hierarchy in your religion, all religion. That means that some know more than others and that means that this knowledge is not filtered through to the masses and the big problem on this planet is that the masses are unconscious. They have a consciousness of their own ? a very unconscious consciousness. Even wealthy and powerful families have become unconscious even though somewhere in their history one of their great father figures, and we are very careful of the use of the words ?father figures?, because it was a man in their family who became very conscious through his religious or spiritual beliefs and through that consciousness brought great power and wealth to his family.

Once your energy is configured in such a fashion you become more and more conscious with ease on a day to day basis and you love to become conscious; but there is a level of unconsciousness where you would rather not become conscious, where you can't face the challenges or the conflicts in your life. It is these types of people that Kryon wishes to appeal to, to bring consciousness to unconsciousness so that this earth can be brought more and more into balance. All bad weather phenomena, all greenhouse gases and whatever is going on on this earth is a direct reflection of human consciousness and nothing can be done with this destabilization on the planet unless unconscious humans become conscious.

Consciousness must begin with the children and certain things should be taught to children in school. First being respect: respect for themselves, for others and for everything else because one day they will hand over this planet to the next generation. This is a borrowed planet and there is no respect being shown to the planet for the next generation being born. Second is love: love belongs to everybody, love is free, everybody is loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Third is connection: Everybody has a connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky irrespective ? everybody has that connection. Fourth is relationships: A child should be taught how to relate to others in a good way. The next step is to teach children metaphysics. Once you understand metaphysics you know that your relationship with yourself is paramount to the creation of your own life. The way you relate to yourself you relate to others and you create through relationships. True joy is expressed only through relating to other human beings. When you really begin to understand metaphysics you know that whatever is going on outside of you is going on inside of you.

If children are taught this from an early age there will not be the problems that there are on this earth today. The earth plane faces serious problems ? its weather patterns are going out of balance and there could be many traumatic experiences for the earth which could create great human suffering. Suffering only happens through unconsciousness, there is absolutely no need for suffering in a person?s life.

Part of metaphysics is that we chose our parents. Parents brought us to where we are ? parents gave us the experiences that we needed to work through our karma. There is one slight problem with all of this, it has just gone on and on and on. One cannot constantly use this excuse to have abused children on the planet because abuse creates more abuse, trauma creates more trauma, and anger creates more anger. If there is a correct understanding of metaphysics and a step into the space of self responsibility then this planet will be a very, very different place than it is today.

The peoples of the United States have already stated that they no longer want the energies of George Bush and Sadam Hussein but there are many other energies that are also non-conducive to peaceful, harmonious, loving life. There is a state of consciousness where you can begin to create a world of your own. A world of love and joy and freedom - that state of consciousness where you are completely resolved with your mother, completely resolved with your father and completely resolved with the inner child and you walk as a Divine human being between heaven and earth with your feet firmly on the ground. There is a lot of love from Spirit to support this - not only are there problems on planet earth but there are also problems emanating from earth into the other Universes because of the disharmony and imbalance that is being experienced here.

Spirit is here to teach and show you the way into a new truth, a new way of being, a way of being where you don't have to have abused, hurt, wounded children in order to have an experience here on the earth plane. This knowledge was there to be shared not only from 2000 years ago Dear Ones but even from 26 000 years ago from the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. We have different technology today. We have the internet and the media that vibrates through the earth every single day allowing people to be truly informed. Unfortunately at the moment a lot of people have been very misinformed. They are like puppets on a string glued to the TV screen but not every TV programme has a negative connotation. If people really know the truth of metaphysics there won't be a problem on this earth there will be love, there will be Christ consciousness and there will be much, much more.

The earth plane is at a cross roads. You actually have a choice to make about where you are going to walk and how you're going to step. Evolution has always been a path open and available to mankind. Evolution of the human spirit. Every single human being has a choice to make about their earth and their consciousness. Are they going to be allowed to be conscious? The media is a great role player in all of this and nothing, but nothing is by chance. The truth is a very elusive energy on this planet and there are those who say they want the truth but the truth eludes them and walks by them, walks underneath them, stands behind their backs and laughs. If this planet is educated in a proper way over these next few years you can expect to have an amazing existence, far better than any multinational no matter how sparkling or beautiful it looks, could ever provide for any employee. You could have it all, everything, because you are all great, magnificent creators of this Universe. As we have always told you, you are creating constantly from your childhood and there are many, many new ways of healing coming on to the market. Whatever way you choose to heal yourself you have to choose a method of consciousness. You have to see that the building blocks in your life, your foundation stones, go down deep into the ground and go into the right place.

The most important foundation stones for human beings are that their inner fathers take over the crown chakra, the third eye and the throat chakra. The inner mother takes over the solar plexus, the second chakra and the base chakra. That is the most important level of consciousness that has to happen to a person in their lifetime. Once they get their energy into that state and there is harmony between the inner mother and the inner father all else happens automatically. The child feels loved, safe and at peace and slowly but surely the child can grow up with his/her foundation stones in place and able to create a world and a life for itself and it's community that are valuable and precious and that everybody creates a tremendous impact on this earth.

Dear Ones ? energy is energy is energy. All energy has potential. You're limited thinking limits your potential and whilst your families are so dysfunctional the children are never truly content, they are never truly safe and secure. They go out into this world and create unsafe, unsure realities. For instance, if your mother has occupied the top three chakras in your head and your father goes absent you will bring into your life a partner that is exactly the same. When the mother energy is in your head then the mother cannot connect to Father Sky, the mother cannot bring through the levels of wisdom and knowledge that the father would bring through. In the same way the father cannot nurture and love a child the same way a mother can, it's impossible, it's just completely unrealistic and impossible and not the way it's meant to be. Some things on this earth are just the way they are meant to be and that is one of them.

So allow yourselves to close your eyes and go inside and connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet. Just take the time to observe your bodies and whatever you are feeling ? what are you actually feeling? Observe what you are feeling and know that it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you know that what you are feeling creates a reality and it's that feeling inside of you that creates the kind of reality you want for yourself in your life. So whatever the feeling is let it come, acknowledge it and let it go, let it go? just let it go? then let the next one come, acknowledge it and let it go. Be in touch with your feelings, with yourselves. Really connect with yourselves. This is your life. This is who you are. This is your experience. If you feel anger or sadness or hurt or rage then you are going to create that in your lives until it is dissolved. Always at the middle of every emotion there is an inner child, always. A child that hurts in one way or another, a child that felt unsafe, terrified or angry but somewhere along the line a child got hurt to feel those feelings. That child is always given the energy. So put on the TV screen of your own life; its hurt, its pain, its anger, its terror and so it goes on? Just observe the feelings in your body and let them all come and let them all go. Whatever you're feeling just allow it to happen ? let it come and let it go.

We have picked a difficult subject that a lot of people don't like to address because what this is going to mean is a shift of personal power. If you do it properly everybody that surrounds you is just going to become more and more powerful. There will be tremendous spin offs and gains. You're reality will change. So just observe your bodies and observe where in your body your mother is and just allow her to move into the lower three chakra's of your body? now just observe where your father is in your body and let him move into the top three chakras in your head? In this energy you will find it quite easy but for those who perhaps are reading this channelling on the web site it may take a little bit of extra work to get your inner parents into this configuration. Just to make it a little bit easier for your father to stay in your head what we'll do is put your father in a magical ball and let's put two magical balls outside your father's magical ball. Let's get Merlin the magician to sprinkle magical dust over your inner father. Let all the crazy and terrified children move out of your father and into one of those empty magical balls. Merlin will look after the terrified children. Now we're going to do the same again but this time for the children who have been exposed too young in their lives to sex. Just allow Merlin to sprinkle his magical dust over the ball and let all those children who have been exposed to sex too early jump into the other magical ball? Let's send Christ and Mother Mary to heal your father of all his childhood wounds. Just allow this to happen. Hand it over, you don't need to do anything, just hand it over. It will be much easier now that those children that were terrified or crazy are no longer inside your father's body and the same goes for those who have been exposed to sex too early. It will be so much easier to work with your own father and to expand your father's consciousness. Unconsciousness just comes from being hurt, too hurt to communicate, too angry to communicate. He is wounded in sexuality and not able to be masculine and manly in a good way. Just allow this holding energy to flow through your body, just like the sun holds the earth and your body knows this. It has probably been wondering why? why? why hasn't this been happening? Just allow it to happen? Whatever is in the way of this holding energy just allow it to dissolve and release? Allow this father energy to flow through you and connect with Mother Earth... Now let's give your father the gift of respect, self respect, respect for women and respect for everybody else?

Everything is light vibrations and energy and these gifts of communication and respect are opening up the new energies to new ways of being. It's like turning on a tap ? you're turning on the tap of communication ? you're turning on the tap of respect. Now allow yourselves to turn on the tap of love. Give your father the gift of love, of being able to love himself and to love his wife, his children, his family and everybody else on the planet? As you're receiving these energies allow your own energies to expand to accommodate this, becoming more and more of who you are meant to be. Now allow your father a connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. See that he's connected. Allow the sacred masculine and the sacred father energy to flow through your father through the crown chakra and then allow the sacred feminine and the sacred mother energy to flow through the base chakra. His body knows exactly how to merge these energies. Let them flow. Just allow it to happen, allowing him to get stronger and stronger, more and more clear, more and more trusting and more and more safe and where there are pockets of rage, or whatever, allow them to clear.

Allow this masculine energy and the energy of the father that is flowing through to hold your mother in a safe place in those lower three chakras. Hold her in absolute safety, security and oneness. She will feel safe in this energy ? she will love to be in this energy ? and if not just allow Mother Mary to go and release whatever needs to be released from your mother? also see to it that her inner mother and inner father are in the correct place? Once again, allow the sacred masculine energy to flow through your mother's crown chakra and the sacred feminine to flow through her base chakra merging within the mother. Just allow the energies ? they know exactly where to go ? let them flow, let them flow.

Now let's see to it that Mother Mary and Christ give both your inner mother and your inner father the gift of relating. As they relate create a magical ball inside yourself and see all the fragments of the inner child return ? all the fragments that are happy to be close to parents that are relating in such a way. Allow all those children in the magical ball to be healed and go to that very special place in your heart? Just allow the love to flow, from your heart to my heart and my heart to your heart and from your heart to everybody else's heart in the room. As your hearts connect the karma from Atlantis and Lemuria is being voided and released?

Dear Ones this is Kryon signing out for the year 2006. It has been beautiful working with you all this year and we want to thank and honour you. Your courage has been amazing. Take care and God Bless. Thank you.
Copyright David Brown.
All rights reserved.