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*** 11:11 PORTAL OF SELF




Remembering Unfounded Dreams

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we get closer to the dawn of our new life, that which has been dormant
now comes alive. All that we have in hopes and dreams that have been drained
and tainted by life?s demands slowly surface within the waters of our 3D
world. Healing occurs at a high level of joy as one begins the process of
remembering unfounded dreams. What has festered as unrequited joy now shows
up in your yard demanding your emotional attention. Looking back at your
past gives to you the fuel to burn the fires from your life. What still
sits in your heart as a ghostly memory now haunts your place of peace.

As these unrequited memories surface, they demand all of your time and attention.
Do you receive them or let them pass you by again? Within that choice is
a great vortex of power to be spent from this port of energy and thought
forward. Preparing for past dreams to come true takes courage and conviction.
As the unrequited dreams smile at you from the sidelines of your life wave
your acknowledgement and jump for joy with acceptance. Do what your heart
needs to do in order to feel good again.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Higher self and Soul Light is assisting with upcoming needs, fulfilling
through space and future, exacting and extracting what is needed to be completed.
Self sits and ponders while the higher essence births itself. What is needed
to complete the journey is sequestered along the way, hidden at portals of
self and soul awaiting the time to be used and received. Follow what you
are moved to experience in the now for it may in truth be serving the future.

Preparation is needed as the human being prepares to board itself amongst
mounting pressures of light. What seems inappropriate now may be the savior
in the future, rescuing what has yet to be birthed into fullness. Like picnic
baskets sitting in the park awaiting your arrival, intervention of the now
is neither desirable nor attainable. Intervention in the future that has
yet to be created is feasible. Perform as needed in the now unleashing a
future probability that is yet to be experienced but already known.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

With your first breath of each new day, breathe in the Oneness, the abundance
of All Universes. Breathe in all that is love and light and laughter and
good. With your first breath of the new day, breathe in your heart?s desires
and all things of intention made manifest. Breathe in million-air ? say
to yourself ?I am breathing million air?. Use your breath as a vehicle of
creation for each breath brings you home to the Allness, that which is invisible
in its very nature.

In this Allness lives raw potential, an entrance to your portal of creation.
Use each breath as a healing experience, breathing in deeply that which you
wish to create. As each desire seeds creation through your breath anchor
it in your body, in your energy field and upon earth.

Inhale and exhale the desire through the nose three times. Inhale and exhale
the desire through the mouth three times. Inhale and exhale the desire though
the nose and out the mouth three times. Inhale and exhale the desire through
the mouth and out the nose three times. Each type of breath functions differently
in the body, the mind and the spirit allowing you entrance to all possibilities.
Breathe in consciously the energy you wish to embrace whether wealth or
health, youth or love. All life is at your biding if you see it as so.
Life awaits your instructions. Breathe in your wish, breathe your hearts
desire. Breathe deeply as a god.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Whenever you desire an object, a situation, or a desired outcome with your
very first seed of that thought you birth the opposite. Polarity is two
lane street, a two way street, a coming and a going, a receiving and a rejecting,
a have and a have not. While you are on Earth every thought has a counterpart
thought that is birthed automatically. It is like your physical body always
having a shadow. Remember the child?s story of Peter Pan and Peter Pan?s
shadow, his counterpoint thought. His shadow often seemed to have more aliveness
and awareness than his flesh, sometimes tricking Peter into thinking his
abilities were less when actually he had great powers.

With each thought of manifestation we are immediately drawn into an internal
and external confrontation and dialogue. Everything within us, as well as
our outside world, reflects mirrors and magnifies all the reasons that this
manifestation cannot, will not, should not be created. We wrestle the alligator
of our primal earth consciousness to the ground temporarily tying its jaw
shut just long enough for us to birth what our humanness feels it is that
we need to have. Always the alligator seems to get loose.

We have spent so many years in penance, beating ourselves up with the limited
consciousness of the past, and the pre-programmed genetic weaknesses of lack
and of poverty. Imagine your awareness, your consciousness as a computer;
a computer that has many old programs playing day after day telling you why
your dreams cannot be birthed, why your heart?s desires cannot be manifested.

The planet Earth is a living breathing school of opposites and counterparts.
Each person, place, and thing has an energy signature. Plenty goes hand
in hand with not enough, rich slow dances with poor, happy hugs sad, truth
sits side by side with falsehood. These polarity gods ride within the lines
of every thought, every action, every intention. Everything holds equal
parts of the opposite ? that?s what makes Earth such a wonderful school.

Earth is a school for thoughts in training, a spiritual boot camp, a master?s
retreat. While you are on Earth the foundation of who you think you are
is completely stripped away to reveal who you are. Everything that happens
to you in 360 degrees of your life is a gift, a priceless gift. Learning
to manifest what the God in one wants and desires can be a spiritual communion
and sacred journey to source. To manifest your creation into physical form
you must truly come into communion with the God within and the God without.
It is only from this original point of creation that you can create at all.
All else is a magic trick, a slight of hand, an illusion.

By knowing and focusing upon what is Divine Truth you will become empowered
in a way that has previously been unknown to you. Embrace the shadow thoughts,
the counterpart thoughts, understand the inherit energy that they hold.

Divine knowing is moving past a place of fear or lack. We live on a planet
of polarities ? acknowledge them but do not allow them to own you.

Nothing can stop you but you. Everything and everyone outside of you has
been contracted by you to teach you and mirror your thoughts. They are drawn
to you like magic. Bad luck, good luck, or no luck are created by your thoughts
and verbal decrees. Become empowered by focusing on only what you want to
create instead of giving your life force to that which you do not want to
create. On this planet of polarities your shadow, counterpart, polarity
is a gift. What you do with it is where your true learning lives.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Once upon a time in a beautiful blue green spherical jewel called Earth,
Terra Gaia, lived many wise and ancient masters. They came to the Garden
of Eden to complete a long journey. They lived quietly amongst the people
for many years looking and acting as regular people. Each night as they
slept the masters gathered in the higher realms ? it was there they learned
and studied Universal truths and understandings that one day would set them
free from the amnesia that still stalked them. Every night as they entered
the halls of higher learnings they opened dimensional doorways, entering
through star portals and time portals.

All creation spoke to them communicating great truth and secrets of the Universe.
The angels schooled them in the art of love, the councils of light gave
them integrity and wisdom, Christed ones prepared them for full body ascension.
Everything offered itself to these masters as they supped upon the awe of
it all night after night. During sleep, the masters of light were true to
their original form recognizing their worth and their divinity. They allowed
all forms of teaching to adhere to the very center of their DNA.

Night after night, month after month, year after year, the masters prepared
waiting for the sign that would usher them into fullness and completeness
of their mission and time on Earth. However something seemed to go wrong,
their cup was too full, too filled. They could not absorb anymore knowledge,
anymore light, anymore truth and still the sign had not come. They were
saturated to the highest point of light. They looked at the skies, the stars,
the clouds, the seas waiting and searching for what their heart would recognize
as their sign. Over and over they searched the horizon, morning, noon and
night waiting in their paramount of fullness. Finally they started to ebb
and not flow, they began to wane as a full moon begins to lose itself. Feeling
they had overstayed their welcome in what was becoming a seemingly hostile
environment day by day these masters began to droop as a beautiful flower
that had not received water.

They had studied so hard, so diligently for so long, giving of themselves
100 percent, holding light and hope for all of planet Earth and all of the
solar system and milky way galaxy. What had gone wrong ? had they failed
the Creator? They wanted to know where was the sign. No one knew what the
sign was but it was encoded in their DNA. No one knew what color or shape
or geometry or where it could be located. Desperate and so lonely the masters
began to look into the eyes and the hearts of the regular people of Earth
that walked amongst them. No longer feeling gifted or special or masterful
they begin to feel like just every regular Joe or regular Jane. They had
let go of what they had grasped as truth for so long lowering themselves
to earth amongst the people that they always felt alienated from.

Feeling as though they had been deserted by the Creator, the angels and the
masters and star beings that had worked with them every night for so many
years, they finally came to the point of saying they were just like everyone
else on earth. There was nothing spatial or special about them.

When this thought entered their hearts something miraculous and magical happened.
They opened their eyes to see a beautiful planet filled with six billion
plus masters of light. Everywhere they looked they saw a light radiating
from the human that they had stepped away from for so many years. This was
the sign they had been waiting for. It was not until they let go of all
separateness and eliteness could they finally see what had been in front
of their eyes all along. In their separateness they had become blinded to
the divine flame in all of mankind.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

When we were in spirit all of our choices seem so easy, so effortless. We
knew we would make the right choice with no problem ? we knew that every
choice had a divine connection and counterpart. When we came into this solid
aspect of divinity, the 3D Earth, the flesh, we all began to forgot we got
planetary amnesia. We became holographically limited and fearful. We took
baby steps, not the giant steps we had promised the universe.

On the bus to Earth, the driver spoke of Ben & Jerry?s ice cream, Godiva
chocolate, lots of sex, and all the tangible goodies to expect with our stay
on earth. The driver told us you will forget from where you have come, you
will forget how to just be, you will be tangled up in this earthen web of
forgetfulness and you will sometimes feel abandoned, hopeless and alone.
Then there will come a day when all of Heaven will sing in joy as you remember
once again who you are and why you are here on Earth.

We were all so excited about coming to Earth, feeling emotions, feeling love,
kissing and tasting all that Earth had to offer We didn?t hear the driver,
we didn?t listen with our hearts. So we all got off the beautiful yellow
bus and came into this world screaming and kicking. Some of us stayed, some
of us went home right away.

Up until about five or six years old we could still remember pretty good.
We could still see our angels and our teachers of light, they were our invisible
friends and we played with them and talked with them and set a place for
them at the dinner table. Very soon cosmic cataracts began to come ? keeping
us from remembering showing us the so-called limitations of this planet of
this world.

We were the masters of light, the ones who volunteered to usher Earth into
her next step, the next light, her stardom. Some of us held tightly to the
little remembrances, the little pieces of Heaven that still lived in our
heart. Our visions were so strong and such a treasure no one could take
them from us. We held them silently knowing that one day they would be birthed
in fullness.

We were coached and taught by the Mother Earth herself. We talked to the
animals; they listened and heard our cry. The flowers knew our very thoughts,
the wind held us like a loving mother. Every night after sleep we?d fly
around our neighborhoods. The stars would send down reminders of who we
were in the form of stellar vehicles and lights in the night sky.

The other children of Earth saw that we were different and didn?t make a
secret that they knew it. They hurt us with their words and their sticks
and their stones pushing us further into ourselves, pushing us further away
from that which was Earth. We would look into the mirror deep at ourselves,
looking beyond the flesh into our eyes and the reflection that stood in front
of us asking who are you, where am I?

For many years, the body seemed as a burden and not as a temple. Many of
us felt like a stranger in a strange land ? we just wanted to go home. We
didn?t want to play this game of being human any more ? it hurt to be human.
It hurt to feel all the sadness and all the pain of everything and everyone
around you. We all had been born as empaths - we felt deep to the very core
of our being. Our parents and our peers just saw it as moodiness and thought
we would outgrow it but we never did. So we went deeper and deeper into
ourselves, hiding from our feelings, hiding from our humanness and hiding
from what made us special.

For years we did everything we could to forget ? we just all wanted to forget
that we were different. No matter how we tried to drown the light within
us the flame never died out. In fact the older we got, the more our light
shone through all cloaking devices. We couldn?t hide from who we were any
longer. We were beginning to remember again. We were remembering that we
had a very important mission, a promise and an assignment to do. Over and
over and over again we heard these words echo in our head and heart ? Just
love, just love these people. Show them love. Remember just love. Once
in a while we would venture out in the real world. We would try so hard
to show others what was truth, what was light, what was love as we knew it,
as we remembered it. Our words and actions would fall upon deaf ears and
a blind heart. They were not ready to hear truth ? to see light ? to embrace
love. And they let us know it very loud and very clear.

Along our way the Universe would send angels and beautiful visions to ease
the pain of humanness. As we got older our gifts began to amplify. No matter
how hard we would push them away they would break through the crystal stage
of dormancy and demand more from us pushing us closer to our light. The
visions would tell us about a time on earth when everyone would finally rub
the sleep from their eyes and awaken into remembering their divinity. The
visions would tell us that we were not alone on earth, the visions would
tell us about truths that would be unveiled and revealed. The visions would
speak of a time that we would be the light leaders and lead the people of
earth back to Source, to First light, to the singularity, one God, one light,
one heart. A time when every face we look at would reflect the light that
lived in their heart. A time when our heart would become a catalyst and
ignite the dormant spotlight in everyone we met.

We held tightly to these visions knowing they were true. They were given
to us to nurture, to love and hold us, until it was time for them to be birthed
in the now. In that time of waiting we reunited with our own divinity, we
cultivated our own light and we learned how to love this human body. In
1987 the first clarion call to humanity was issued. All of the hearts of
earth lined up and proclaimed it time. The children of earth took their
first baby step into believing. In 1992 another clarion call was issued,
the constellation of Columba and the Dove Star emanated to earth the Christ
Consciousness awaking the sleeping prophet in all of mankind. The 11:11
doorway was opened and there is no going back. Since those times millions
have awakened and seen the light within themselves. They have awakened to
their divinity acknowledging the face of God that they represent.

Day by day we get a glimpse of what is to come. We sit anxiously awaiting
the promises of a loving Creator. We know now that none of our journey was
in vain because it was all part of the sentence of light. We were the nouns,
the pronouns, the verbs and the adjectives. We know now that we really never
forgot, that all was an illusion as is our humanness, as is our limitedness.
We know now that light lives in every molecule of existence always.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Words are like seeds ? they have creative power. When we speak we are giving
life to what we are saying, planting a seed. We are going to get exactly
what we are speaking. We are who we are today because of the words we have
spoken in the past. All of our words will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Listen to what you say about yourself. Negative thoughts don?t need to
become negative words. The moment you speak something outright it takes
on a whole new meaning and a whole new energy. If you don?t like what you?re
experiencing start changing your words.

We prophesize the future by the words we speak in the now. Our words are
always a self fulfilling prophecy. Don?t plant negative seeds ? only prophesize
the good and the intention of good. You can cancel out the Universe?s best
laid plans by your own negative words and negative musings. Death and life
are the power of your words. You will have what you say. Your words are
going to give life to exactly what you?re saying.

It?s better to say nothing than to say something negative. Negative words
cancel out God?s plan ? you?re cursing your future ? you?re cursing your
life with your words. You can use your words to curse your life or you can
use your words to bless your life. Speak words of faith; declare God?s favor
in your light and in your heart. Change the atmosphere of everywhere you
go with your words ? call in good, call in light, call in love and call in
divine help.

Don?t talk about problems, talk about solutions. We are not reporters of
our life but we are forecasters of our life. We should call to the invisible
as if it already were visible. Call in to that which you desire, call it
with faith filled words, call it with light. Change your world by changing
your words. Death and life is in the power of your tongue. Are you birthing
or are you destroying?

Circumstances line up with every word you speak ? your words are a self fulfilling
prophecy. You are the creator of your own circumstances. What you have
created by your words you can change. When we act negatively to sudden changes
and chaos in our life we are delaying the purpose of their creation. If
we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation then the pain will
disappear. We alone determine the rate of which turmoil passes. There are
countless futures which exist at the same time. Our own behavior determines
which universe we enter in to. Prophecy is seeing the future in our present

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

When you complain you are poisoning your future. When we go around grumbling
and complaining we are calling in more of that poison to every part of our
life. When we complain about a pain, you?re calling in more pain. Try to
do all things without grumbling, fault finding or complaining. See the good
in every situation and be thankful. Find some reason in your day to be thankful
? this will help dilute the kind of complaining that creates poison in your
body and in your life.

There?s always something to complain about but you need to look very hard
to find what?s to be thankful for. See good around you ? be the one to make
a difference. Leave it up to God, the Universe, to fight your injustices.
Until you are at a point of gratefulness right where you are God is not
going to help you change that situation. Be grateful for what is right in
your life instead of complaining about what is wrong in your life.

Since is God is truly directing our steps by his spirit why do we try to
figure out what is happening all the time. When you constantly complain
about something the energies, the quantum, the God, says alright ? I?ll give
that to you. Do all things without complaining and you will find the magic
and miracles in your life multiply. When you are in pain or worry immediately
find a point of gratefulness about something in your life. Those thoughts
bring you into higher vibration that will assist you and move you past any
negative situation.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the velocity of your dreams coming true increases in dimension and depth
you come to an intersection of time where all of your past dreams overlap
and merge with all of your new creations. It is here that they meld into
a physical format that holds a vast array of possibilities. It is at this
point of multiplicity that one can breath more life into their dreams or
just allow them to make it on their own. It is as this sacred placement that
you can also adjust the pattern and pathway that the dreams are flowing into,

When one has received the gift of a dream made manifest it is important to
realize that person has rightly earned it. to manifest anything of vast
potential one has to walk through the shadows of self and fear and other
imparted limitations. One has to come face to face with the beast within
that gnaws upon lost dreams. Moving into higher octaves of manifestation
demands that one become brave beyond fears crested by self or others. It
requires one to fill in the designated field of inquiry with red ink so one
can be seen in the fullness of time and all requests can be processed accordingly.

Seeing your dreams into full manifestation takes guts with little glory.
It asks you to integrate into a system that you may not agree with and yet
by your very integration you change the outcome of what is to be. Every thing
upon earth has a deep livingness housed within it and this livingness (quantum
consciousness) responds to all thoughts with no exceptions. You are continually
fueling what is to be or not to be by every thoughtful energy. In the process
of creation you are not allowed to doubt yourself one iota. For even one
stray thought of failure will taint the entire batch of creation.

As we move closer to all that we seek to be true we will find that every
place we go has the divine potential to be a vessel of light. Whether that
vessel of light comes in the form of a gas station, a grocery store or a
furniture store every place can be used to house what is good and high of
Light and integrity. Each place that you work or live or drive is influenced
by your energies in accordance with your daily thoughts. All places of employment
hold the vibrations of their employees, their joys and their angers, their
good days and their bad days. That ratio changes daily with every action
and interaction. Many employees feel that they have no control over their
lives or jobs but they are affecting/or infecting their place of work all
day long.

At this time on earth the angels fold up their wings and wear a costume of
humanness to be able to walk among the masses. These angels come not with
a special tag but are often seen on the very corners of your hometown street
begging for food and money. The holier than thou vibration of judgment is
coming into diluted form as those of a higher heart are asked not to judge
by another's clothes or car or looks or ethic group. The very Christ child
himself was born amongst the lowliest of animals in a place that did not
seem appropriate for the Son of God.

Many have searched for areas of holy light in war filled places. They have
looked to ancient history to find the locations of the sacred cities and
sites but said places are now beaten up and war torn. The universe comes
to announce during this 11:11 gateway that the places of light that you seek
to fill you with what you think is holy, need to first be filled by you with
love. If you enter a place that feels negative or misused, (sacred place,
church or Wal-Mart for that matter) do not run with your tale between your
legs pointing at its darkness and failure to have light. Stop for a full
minute and bless what appears to be lightless. Maybe the dormant light waits
on your recognition of it to be made whole and luminescent. The time for
judgment and finger pointing is over and gone.

God's entire world is a holy place, from the dumps to the mountaintops. The
light needs you to speak it into existence. Without your participation it
just lays dormant and silent. The substations of light that awaken as the
11:11 doorway is activated hold a strong potential for giving to those still
in doubt a little infusion of light and hope and a glimpse of how dreams
were born to come true. Peoples of all creeds and colors and dominions will
enter theses substations (in the form of stores, insurance companies, coffee
shops, restaurants etc) and they will feel the love the hope the smile of
another in acknowledging their soul value.

What lives deep within the people of earth has more value than all the gold
and diamonds on earth. One soul who finally sees them selves as a holy vessel
is priceless. One soul who remembers their divine identity is worth risking
everything for. People have felt so beat down and beat up. They have felt
cheated and taken advantage of when they are good hearted giving people.
So many try to take advantage of the upheaval that has happened on earth,
price gouging on all levels of life. It is at times like this that is hard
to live in integrity in honor and old fashioned goodness. But that is exactly
what one must do, for all that is unfairly taken or taxed you will be accounted
for in the heavenly inventory. Life has more than enough to give. She wants
to share and comfort you in your times of need. This grand happening this
gift from life may not be in the format that you have requested. You may
be asked to move away from your home, town or city to relocate and start
anew. Even though this seems as a burden it is a great gift. You have outgrown
the energy of the past place /job/situation and now you are being planted
in a fertile place by the universe whom knows your potential to bloom.

Every thing that happens to you comes as a gift no matte how it is wrapped.
It is your belief in this statement that will redirect the manifestation
into something more beautiful than you originally thought.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

You sit at a longitude and latitude that requests the presence of a higher
level of your own light. Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that
you knowingly seek. The next level of attunement that you seek lives within
the solar crossings of your light and thoughts. For eons humans have thought
of themselves as body, mind, and absent out of sight spirit. As the night
energies come forth Spirit steps out of the shadow of the old self and takes
on a new level of transference. Your humanness becomes multifaceted. Your
mind becomes multifaceted. Your spirit stands ready to take you to uncharted
territory. Everything stretches itself looking for more of its true identity.

The energies of the 11:11 portal of self are accentuated by natural sounds.
Use the silent sounds within your own internal universe. Allow the pulsing
of your blood the beat of your heart, the sound of your breath to be heard
as music. Even the cracking of your knees and bones gives to you the sound
of life, in all its frailties and vulnerabilities. Humanly you expand, and
spiritually you soar. There are many new avenues of flight and expansion
available. There is no longer just white tiles or black tiles, but there
exists a gray neutral area that asks you to enter. The gray says that you
can sit and rest as your self decides about right or wrong, dark or light,
good or bad. The gray area is neutral, free of comment free of pressure
and stress. Use this gray time to decipher all the encoding and secrets of
life that live within your energy experience.

You exist multi-dimensionality. All of your actions of earth are as a centerpiece.
You are an intersection of dimensional fluxes and experiences. All of your
choices here on earth also influence the outcomes of other stellar and bio-cellular
experiences. All avenues of time and space deliver you messages, incoming
and out going.

As you sit at the energy doorway of 11:11, you will become a deciding factor.
For so long human beings have frowned upon their very existence, and their
day to day special effects. They have frowned upon what seems in-just and
unjust, seeing themselves as victims of the universe.

You have been told since time began that ye are Gods. This place that you
reside upon is a place of Gods, a Mecca of Prophets. A place where those
that are destined for greatness meet to play and act out with one another.
As you stand in this Creational portal there will be no more excuses. There
will be no more victims. Everything that you do in upcoming time influences
the outcome of events to be seen. Every negative thought that you have about
yourself or others shifts the scales of polarity in a to and fro experience.

Every positive thought that you have shifts in accordance with your energy
interpretation of events. No longer are you at the mercy of others. All
of life and light sits and awaits your actions, your thoughts, and your interpretation.
In the mind fields of human evolvement, there is a tendency for you to hold
on to what keeps you afloat.

These 11:11 doorways are continually expanding and contracting in accordance
with humanity. As one who stands in front of an automatic door walking back
and forth before making up their mind ? should they enter or should they
exit. You no longer have the luxury of playing with those automatic doors
of expansion and contraction for all movement forward is taken as such and
agreed upon by the quantum particles. All movement backward is also taken

It is time to make internal peace. It is necessary before you can ever see
the external peace that you so seek. Another cannot birth peace for you,
only self has that ability. It is time for you to enter all that you have
held secret and sacred within yourselves. Everything that you seek lives
within the cellular memory and the DNA composition.

Your Every word, your every thought, your every intention is received as
a child who plays within all of life. Octaves of what is hidden reveals itself
as a scroll that is rolled out to be read in the language of the heart, not
understood by the eyes. Everything holds a holy composition within it.

We are living light within sound. Within your words, within your voice is
living light. You are the Language of Light that you so seek to speak. The
geometry?s of your words and your intent is felt above all other things.
We leave.

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I come on the winds of time to allow you entrance into knowledge that goes
beyond self and memory. Within what is known and unknown as the Holy Spirit,
there are many dimensional descriptions. There are many doorways, and inter-dimensional
truths. There is a great-pronounced diversification that lives within the
house and dwelling of Holy Spirit.

Each of you holds within you the personal breath of God; I come on this day
to breathe that memory into you. You each live within the out-breath of
God. God breathed you into existence and the flesh that you are now. With
The first breath that a baby takes, the Holy Spirit enters the child in fullness.
The Holy Spirit does not dwell within the fetus during gestation.

The Holy Spirit energy is an imprint, an encoding, an engram that is held
by each individual on their journey through life. On the death of the individual,
the last breath, the Holy Spirit is released back to Source. It is a separate
and different being than the spirit of the individual, but often when death
occurs they leave as a two-fold light. God inhales you back onto and into
original light.

You all ride the inhale, the wave of contraction back into a point of explosive
expansion. As the universe inhales you each and every day a little more
and a little more, you are being released of toxins, negativity's, angers,
blocks and memories that no longer serve your soul?s evolution and soul?s
purpose. When you sleep your spirit exits the body and the physical biological
unit is left to fend for itself with the help of a few large angelic beings.
The spirit is connected by a chord of light and can always come back during
any emergency.

When you leave in spirit, when you slumber, no matter what time of day you
move eloquently and easily and effortlessly onto the higher realms where
you exist simultaneously. Your humanness is approximately 2 to 3% of all
of your light. Two to 3% of your humanness and consciousness dwells within
the physical flesh. Even during the day you tarry off to the higher realms
in your thinking, in your future-scaping and in your past-frequenting.

As of 11:11:2006 God has taken a very deep breath. Releasing within you
several levels of psychic, mental, and physical debris. The universe is cleansing
many layers of your being, loosening and redistributing blocks so that can
easily be dismissed on the next inhale of the Creator. In other words, all
that is solid and dank and dark within you is breathed loving and exquisitely
by the prime creator back into itself. The angers that have been keeping
you down and stagnant will be lifted.

The reason for the heaviness of self as of late has to do with the many portions
of you that have gathered as a depository. They migrate to a magnetic point
in your physical body. From this magnetic point, they will exit and be sent
to Prime Creator. Not only will this be experienced within the physical
body, but it will also be experienced within the planetary body, the planetary
emotional body, and the planetary memory body. For Earth herself will be
lifted out of the ever clinging memory of the tar pit of death and annihilation
that has happened throughout time. The Prime Creator, the Universe will
escort this back into original source to be purified recycled and used again.

The Prime Creator is taking the thickness of the energies and birthing new
universes. He/She/They run a little bit short on the very fabric of livingness
and the atomic structure of what has been created. So He/She/They take from
the stockpile of humanness and earth, the thickest and darkest of all and
bring it into a formation that is beyond your measure of beauty.

With this knowing allow this coagulation to happen within your body. You
may have pains that come and go in the body, in the heart memories, in the
heaviness of all emotion, but it gathers to be birthed anew into a new universe.
So the very fabric of your being and all that you have been through time
after time as well as all Mother Earth has endured, will be birthed into
beautiful cellular structures of baby light and beginning life in another
part of God, and you will be part of that.

As a gift for allowing all of this to take place (as if you needed a gift
for releasing all of this thick emotional debris) you will be lifted several
levels of light towards Ascension. This will be equal to climbing a mountain
of 5500 feet and looking over your world with a gentle knowing and a heavenly
appreciation of everything that has brought you to be who you are now.

It takes more molecules to create anger, than it does a joy. It takes more
molecules to hold disease within a body than it does to heal it. All that
is holy is very light and non-fattening. I ask you to allow the Creator
to breathe you in deeply. Feel yourself being lifted by this holy breath.
Allow the out breath to bring you into the expansion that you so seek.

As all of this is happening you may find a lightness of head and vertigo
of nature. You may find emotional surges come forth to you in great tears
and fears. You will feel the presence of the holy ones as they stand by
your side. You will be alleviated of what has stuck to your soul as tar and
feathers for so many existences. I am SHEKINAH, one of the octaves of the
Holy Spirit. I leave on the winds of light.

Natural Citrine Crystals

The Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system. It is the largest
object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass. One
hundred and nine Earths would be required to fit across the Sun's disk, and
its interior could hold over 1.3 million Earths. Solar energy is created
deep within the core of the Sun. Energy generated in the Sun's core takes
a million years to reach its surface. Every second 5 million tons of pure
energy is released; as time goes on the Sun is becoming lighter and lighter.
The energy that is being released now via many expressions of solar activity
is energy that has been waiting to breathe for a long time. An energy so
powerful and so pure of light that it must be filtered thru the cosmos to
come to earth in a receivable form. This 1111 gateway weaves light from a
million years ago and a million light years ago into the very fabric of your
body mind and spirit.

As the energies become more pronounced and animated humanity will arrive
at a sacred complex of holy energies that are willing to go the extra mile
to prove them selves worthy of ones acknowledgment. Shining truth about ones
natural ability to create on a different personal longitude and latitude.
Emotions will ebb and flow as the tide lines shift with impending solar
emanations. Healing will be deep and concise .What was done to one from the
past now has the ability to come undone if the healing is received at a deep
core level.

The universe has provided us with some very powerful stones to help with
this INFUSION OF LIGHT. The vibration of what is deeply golden in character
asks to be embraced. It is time to cleanse the body of toxins and regenerate
at a higher, lighter, more youthful level. We hold a great light that we
have collected for some time... now it is time to reflect that light via
every cell of the body to become sun-like and radiant. The SOLAR WEAVE crystals
come to help us do just that.

Citrine is actually an amethyst that has gone through a natural long term
heating process that turns if from purple into golden. It holds within it
the power of the sun. Gold is the color of wealth and Light. Citrine?s energy
is helpful in clearing and protecting the body mind and spirit allowing deep
healing and angelic/Light being communication. The stone is believed to dissipate,
transform and transmute negative energy. Citrine has the ability to cleanse
the body of toxins and regenerate body tissue, Citrine is known as the "success
stone" because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It particularly
promotes success in business, earning it another nickname; "the merchant's
stone". It is said to bring prosperity to businesses if put in the cash box.
Citrine is a stone of good fortune, although it brings good fortune in sometimes-unexpected
ways. It is a stone of manifestation, helping manifest abundance in many
ways. Along with prosperity and good fortune, citrine imparts generosity,
to share the wealth, so to speak. Citrine is a self-esteem stone with powers
to heal feelings of inadequacy and for handling negative criticism. Its ability
to awaken the mind, create clarity and increase knowledge of the self, as
well as general relaxation and emotional healing powers and protections against
overwhelming fear, depression, money worries and security. It has the ability
to stimulate the body's own healing energies. It is good for centering and
can help one's memory and problem solving. Citrine can not hold negative
vibrations but instead dissipates and transmutes them. A good stone for clearing
the aura it does not absorb any negative energy and thus never needs clearing.
It is a stone of protection, removing or deflecting negative energies of
all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream work.