Channelled through

Michelle Eloff©

14th March, 2006

Johannesburg, RSA

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. Thanks to Angi Munford for transcribing this channeling.

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God we bring you blessings of laughter, lightness, longevity and prosperity. Greetings beloved ones!

Greetings, Lord Kuthumi.

As we gather with you in the presence of abundance, divinity and prosperity beloved ones, we open the energy for Lord Merlin to step in and to deliver his teaching and the blessings of divine prosperity unto each of you; therefore please close your eyes at this point, centering your energy field and aligning your consciousness with the grids of divine abundance, divine prosperity and unconditional love.

Breathe in fully and exhale fully, as you call upon the presence of Lord Merlin aligning your consciousness with that which he represents, and I shall now take my leave making way for him to transmit. Blessings be with you. Adonai.


I am Merlin. Greetings and welcome. (Imagine a cockney accent while reading Merlin's words)

Greetings Lord Merlin.

We admire your courage to come here today and to receive the blessings of prosperity that I, Lord Merlin, come to deliver unto each of you. This process is one that will surely challenge the deepest darkest fears resident within you regarding all your belief systems around miracles. You have overcome many of the trappings of the 3rd dimensional world; however there are still aspects within you that prevent you from accessing this divine process of weaving magic. Many believe that magic is something that you conjure up using abracadabra, hey diddle diddle and whatever else tickles your fancy. (giggles!)

Now, real magic is what you are here to learn about, this means learning about what does not float your boat and what does not tickle your fancy. This is very important for if you do not master this aspect of yourself you will find yourself chasing the dream of magic, chasing the illusion of miracles that you perceive it to be, and you are left standing holding a basket full of disillusion.

I have asked you to come here today because you have reached the level of spiritual intelligence to understand what I have to tell you. You are also at a level awareness that equips you to carry this information and to teach it to others to help them to understand what it means to weave true magic.

There are 3 stages of moving into the realm of being able to weave pure magic, and the very first one which is the initiation and challenge that the majority of humanity is currently facing, is what we will call the "why me?" syndrome.


This sickness, this disease, is one that resides within the ego consciousness held within the lower chakras of humanity?s vehicle of operation. This is also what you know as victim consciousness but we would like to keep it as the "why me?" syndrome because more people can relate to it, and understand what we are talking about. Many people do not understand "victim consciousness", believe it or not! When a person lives their life constantly asking "why me?" one does not allow for growth to take place. One remains within the cycle of victim consciousness and of course, self destruction. One is then fully empowered within the state of ego consciousness. Ego consciousness is your survival mechanism and when it governs every aspect of your life you are guaranteed a lifetime of stagnation. If not complete stagnation a lifetime of chasing your own tail, barking "why me?"

This is a very serious dysfunction humanity must overcome in order to grasp the principles and laws of magic and manifestation. The constant questioning of "why me?" or what did I do to deserve this?" or "they are such good people they did not deserve ? such negative treatment, or such bad luck." That belief system and attitude guarantees complete estrangement from the true laws of magic and miracles. It is the consciousness that keeps humanity in 3rd dimensional limited, subconscious governance by ego.

At this point in humanity?s evolution there are still far more souls operating upon the lower level of the initiation than there are those who are operating upon the 3rd and highest level of integrating the laws of magic and manifestation; therefore, it is the responsibility of ones such as your self, to lead by example and teach the ways of the new world. Some of you may be afraid of doing this because it puts you in the limelight. The limelight is the position all lightworkers have agreed to stand in, in one way or another, to ensure that the collective consciousness reaches the level of initiation and spiritual intelligence required to guarantee the complete ascension of all souls currently incarnated. At this point I tell you there are only a handful of souls, relatively speaking, who will make the transition through to ascension, for there are currently still more who will not than those who will.

It is truly a wonderful (pause) energy to experience seeing lightworkers such as yourself who have made the transition; however you are not completely integrated into the 3rd level initiation of integrating the laws of magic and manifestation. You are well on your way, though. Our concern is for the souls who are nowhere near the point you are at, and this is why I have come forward. Because there are sufficient of you to hear this information we need you in service to carry this information through your own life example to assist others in integrating the same laws.

Parrot fashion is usually the way that humanity best learns or integrates information, rather. You have been programmed that through affirmation truth exists. Most of humanity believes in the negative affirmation rather than the positive affirmation. If somebody tells you, you?ve done something bad or you are bad, it is easier for you to believe that than someone telling you, you are good, or you have done something good, or you are worthy of goodness. It is easier for you to accept that you are non-deserving than to accept you are deserving as a result of your conditioning in the current world of 3rd dimension.

However that consciousness is now weaving its way through many levels of consciousness and that is why, I Merlin, have appeared today to remind you of your contract with me to bring to pass this energy, in awakening the seeds who are ready to accept the possibility of a different outcome rather than focusing on "why me?" or "what have I done to deserve this?"; "God is punishing me, I am a bad person" and "Come on everybody, prove to me how bad I am. I will show you I can prove you right about how bad I am, how worthless I am, and how little I deserve the love of God. This means I don?t deserve anything of any goodness in my life, so just leave me alone so that I can rot and wallow in my own pity!"

And even when someone comes along and tells you how wonderful you are, "Yes, yes, whatever, what do you want from me? Why are you saying this? Bugger off, I want to wallow in my own self-pity." And again the energy comes to tell you, you are worthy of something much better. Oh no, I?m not. I will prove to you how bad I am and how little I deserve love, and you prove yourself right or others wrong all the time. That, beloved brothers and sisters, is classic 1st level initiation that you have all been through and that the majority of the earth?s consciousness is currently having to face. That is ego world. Whenever any person does not take responsibility for their own contribution to an experience, they are giving full power to the ego, to the "why me?" syndrome, and this keeps energy locked in the lower dimensions, perpetuating the never-ending illusion of limitation and lack, and the absence of magic and miracles.

You have also been led to believe that miracles is an elite experience, or an experience exclusive to those who are very faithful Christians, or have sacrificed their lives in some way or another or is so seriously down and out that God had to save them in some way or another but you still do not believe that you are worth such a miracle. Very sad indeed, for here you stand; you stand in the middle and this is the danger of the so-called middle road because you believe those who are less than you deserve more than you because you take such pity on them, and you believe those who are perceived to be in a higher position than you deserve more than you because they have earned it! And the people in the middle, well bugger them, they don?t deserve anything.


You are the filling in the sandwich, yes? Are you the filling that gets tossed? Or the filling that is delicious?


So I come here today and I present to you information that you can either take and use or you can leave alone and forget all about it, but then don?t complain about your sad lot in life. I will tell you to bugger off! (laughter) Wonderful, higher initiations are they not? Because now I do not have to humour you in your self pity, I can just tell you to bugger off!

Peals of laughter.

The 2nd level is what most of you have just recently completed, and it is the level you are still teetering upon moving into the 3rd level. It is not bad, but it is not the ultimate. This is the initiation where you focus on outcomes; you are aware of the consequences of your actions. The focus on outcomes still creates a level of true magic eluding you. The calculation of the equation takes up a lot of your focus, and because you are focused on outcomes you worry about it. What if the universe lets me down? What if I trust something that?s not in alignment with my soul plan? What if I cannot complete the initiation? What if I fall back into my old ways? So you have moved from "why me?" syndrome to "what if?" syndrome. There has been progress, however. (laughter) That is very important to acknowledge.

Lots of laughter.

So what if I tell you to bugger off? What are you going to do then?

More laughter.

So with this level initiation you are faced with the scariest word on your planet ? anyone want to take a guess? Trust.


This sends some people running in the complete opposite direction when all they need to do is just practice a little trust. Terrifying! You should see what I see when people are asked to trust - energy fields running in different directions or simply shrinking in completely, disappearing! (laughter) Can?t do that! How can the universe ask me to trust? Why me? (gales of laughter!!) And what if I can?t do it? Why did they have to pick on me and ask me to trust? Bugger off!

Much more laughter!!

What if, for once, you prove yourself wrong, and the universe delivers. Oh my God, what now? What do I do with this? What if it is a success? What if I cannot maintain it? Oh, bugger off, let me rather go and worry about why me!

Gales of laughter.

Comfort zone, familiar territory. Less effort rather worrying about "why me?" than having to worry about the "what ifs?" At least with why me you know what will happen, with the what if?s you haven?t got a cooking clue ?(inaudible due to raucous laughter!!)

So the 2nd level initiation is just as challenging, yes?

Gales of laughter!

And the bugger is that you are more conscious which makes it even more difficult!

And more laughter ?.

Now you know why ignorance is bliss!!

Peals of laughter.

The less you know, the less you have to worry about. Now you?ve gone ahead and become self aware ? oh bugger!

Raucous laughter!!

Then I hear some of you say, "Bugger, I know too much, but I?m too damn scared to go forward. What if I just stay where I am?"


Crazy bunch, aren?t you? But that is what growth is all about. As the soul evolves you learn to laugh at yourself. You see how the mind and the psychology of the human being makes everything so complex, and difficult; but that is not any fault on your part, simply part of life, and learning to master the principles of manifestation. So, what if outcomes were no longer a worry for you? And what if all you focused on was your purpose in life? And what if you completely surrendered to your life?s purpose? This is what you are being faced with; it is the 3rdd level initiation of the laws of manifestation. So while you grapple with your "what ifs?", and the outcomes, you now become conscious of the very important 3rd initiation.

Your purpose, your life purpose, is exactly the same as the person sitting next to you?s. Every single purpose on the planet is identical. No soul on the planet has a different purpose to anyone else; it is a collective purpose, and that purpose is to give, to serve, to bring prosperity consciousness, and to love unconditionally. That is the purpose of every soul on your planet. "What if I can?t do that? Oh my God." Every time you go into "why me?"or "what if?", just remind yourself that you are dancing with your ego; you are weaving magic with your ego, not necessarily a fun magic, for all energy is created in the same way, positive and negative. The key to the most important law of manifestation is the detachment to outcomes and complete trust. This means total surrender to your life purpose. Everything you do every day is purely to give, to love unconditionally, to serve, and to bring prosperity into your life and into the world altogether. When you live in this manner nothing matters because you will have everything you need.

The reason why this initiation is the most challenging for all initiates on the pathway of magic, miracles and manifestation, is because it changes your entire outlook on life. It reprioritizes everything in life. Your life may not change, you will still go to work, you will still have your chores to do, you will still have children to take care of if you have, but the essence within you, the motivation, will be completely different. It does not mean to say you will all be doing exactly the same work, but your purpose is identical, the means to delivering that is unique unto you, so you could be a sales person, a fitness instructor, a jewellery maker, a healer, or a street sweeper, and still be able to deliver the same purpose. There are street sweepers, sales people, healers, jewellery makers who live their life with purpose, who live their life on purpose, on the path of purpose, and d?you know what they have? Anyone want to guess?

Inner peace?

That is it. And do you know what? That is what all of you are subconsciously striving for ? is complete and total inner peace, because if you are at peace inside then everything is perfect in your world. So the laws to manifesting real magic, the bona fide magic that makes a difference, magic that is important, is by being in the moment, acknowledging that everything that is happening in your life right now is as it must be; accepting your moment as perfect. Not "Why me?". No "Why ifs?", "what ifs?"; it is simply accepting what is there. If you do not feel comfortable with the word accepting, then surrender, make peace with the moment, make peace with the fact that what you have in your life right now, in this very moment, is what is. It may be different in an hour, it may have been different an hour ago, but that is not where you are now. Where you are now is in the here and now; and I assure every single one of you sitting here today that by applying the laws of magic, such as I have just described to you, you will manifest the miracle of complete and utter peace in your heart, your mind and your soul, in this incarnation, and will not take you the rest of your lifetime. You can manifest ?. it in a breath; if you - hold this and allow it in you could have that peace in you, in a few minutes. And I?m not joking, I?m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I?m giving you a universal fact, the universal truth, the gem that resides within you. It is something you deserve and that you have the power to experience in your life.

Some of you have experienced it already; you?ve had brief moments of utter bliss, peace, euphoria, complete trust in life to support you and guide you in the direction you need to go in, but then the other aspects ? your "why me?" and "what if?" syndrome kicks in and you lose touch with it. But practice makes perfect, perseverance guarantees success, and this is where your responsibility in service comes in, and this is where our contract becomes one of the most important aspects of your life. Your contract is not only to teach this to others, but to master it yourself, and you are here today because you have responded to the reminder of your contract with me. Are you willing to do this?


I assure you, I give you my word, that by living your life on purpose, without any attachment to outcome ? which is the "what if?" syndrome ? without any projection onto another which is the "why me?" syndrome, you take full responsibility for your life, you live it in service with the intention to give without measure or expectation, and to love every soul unconditionally, you will be the wealthiest person on your planet because your heart, your soul will be abundant and the irony is everything else you need that you are currently fighting for will come anyway because it doesn?t make any difference whether it?s there or not, because you will be at peace.

Therefore if you have millions in the form of money, that will be fine; if you don?t that?s also fine because you will know why you are on earth and the only thing that matters is fulfilling your purpose and living every day with purpose. This is why many have been told live your life as if you were already a rich man, or a rich woman, live your life as if you have already achieved everything you are striving for, and when you live your life with purpose the ambitions you may have now do not become the sole motivation for you; what motivates you is your true, sincere need to serve, to give, to anchor prosperity consciousness on your planet and to love unconditionally.

Those are the laws of magic; very simple steps to manifesting peace. Initially it may appear difficult, because of the programs and conditionings you have taken on in this lifetime. Every time you are challenged by an experience, a person or a situation, remind yourself of what I have said today, accept what is in your face and decide in that moment what action needs to be taken. It does not mean that you will never set a boundary again, or that you will allow everyone to take advantage of you, that you will not work, that you will not have goals or plans in your life; what it means is that no longer are you investing all of your energy in worrying about your outcomes, you are investing energy in living your life on purpose so that every moment has a purpose and you know what? When you live like this no longer do you attract situations that cause you suffering or pain.

You have already witnessed how negative situations have left your life because of the new level of consciousness you have chosen to integrate, the new principles you have chosen to live your life by. The original, or rather the initial, spring cleaning is what is difficult. Imagine going into a house that has been standing for 150 years and not a single feather duster has been through it, yet it is still fully furnished ? can you imagine cleaning such a house? Will it take a long time? Will it take a lot of effort and energy? But once it is clean the maintenance is very, very easy. Not so? So can you see yourself as that house that has undergone the very, very huge task of spring cleaning, of going into every nook and cranny, getting rid of all the cobwebs, all the dust, and whatever else is lurking in corners, but once it is clear you know that it is clear, and every now and then all you need to do is just a little sweep up, or dust up and down here and there. Is the picture clear for all of you?


Are there any questions at this point that I could help any of you with?

Long pause ?.


Lord Merlin, I think I?d really appreciate practical examples of how to do these things every day.


How do you live your life every day?

Laughter. I do a part of this, but the unconditional giving there?s times I go ? uhhh, I haven?t got enough, or ? because I have a busy day with children, and work ? I?ve got my own company; I don?t know how else to answer.

Do you begin your day with a specific intention?

Some days ?

First step then is, to commit to yourself that you are valuable and important enough to take a few minutes to set your intention for the day. Your intention could be something along the lines of asking the universe to facilitate the manifestation of living your life in perfect, divine alignment with your purpose. Having set this in place you can go about your day, and when you find yourself worrying about giving because you do not have enough, acknowledge your fear of lack and limitation that is colouring your judgment. Do you understand?


Being aware of the action?s and the ego?s common response to situations assists one in not focusing too much on the outcomes. Can you do this?

Yes, definitely. Thank you.

As I said earlier on your life might not necessarily change in so much as what you do on a daily basis, but the intention, the motivation of every day is what changes, therefore one is working proactively with the fears that have kept one in limiting experiences or as I have explained, the "why me?" and "what if?" syndromes. This process of greater self awareness is covering a number of aspects of life and the psyche and how the psychology of the subconscious and the conscious mind begin to change the mechanisms from which they operate. The operating system of the mind is based to a great extent purely on what it has been programmed with. The subconscious mind is in a constant, permanent state of awareness; therefore whatever you experience in every given moment is absorbed by the subconscious mind. The more aware you are of the environment you are in and your reactions and responses to situations, the more control you have on what is fed into your subconscious, and what becomes a subconscious influence in your life.

As a person works through their personal processes of healing the mind, of releasing belief systems and attitudes that do not serve the focus of the healing soul, you automatically becomes more aware of people?s reactions and responses to you, and therefore your reactions and responses to yourself because what you do to yourself is what you attract from others in the external world. This begins the initially very slow process of reprogramming the subconscious mind; however with perseverance one finds the overriding mechanism of old behavioural patterns kicking in and one sees that one?s life has changed dramatically, and where one would have reacted previously one sees oneself responding in more emotionally mature manner with far more spiritual intelligence at one?s disposal rather than reacting or blaming another, and asking God "Why me?"

So take each day as a step towards mastering the laws and principles of magic. This is known as the law of synchronicity. Magic is an energy that brings everything your way at precisely the time, the moment you need it, without any fear or expectation of what is or what is not coming your way. That is the complete surrender and trust of the universe, God, Spirit, the creative force ? whatever you call it ? and it is able to guide you because your conditionings of a negative nature are not standing in your way, creating limitation, creating lack and sabotage.

Energy is so powerful that if you focus on it, you make it real, you create it as a physical form in your life, and that becomes your daily existence. It is what you use to establish a system that you interpret as being a lifestyle, and so the day to day living becomes a monotonous regime of constant worry, fear of what will happen ? which usually doesn?t happen, fear of what has happened in the past, afraid it will happen again, and very little energy or thought is given to the positive aspect. There was a very, very good example that I would like to use that was utilised in the discussion of a description for someone in a conversation this channel had yesterday. Who of you are cricket fans?

Show of hands.

We believe there was a miracle (laughter) that took place on the sports field in South Africa very recently. 2 days ago. Those of you who were watching your team play cricket against the Australian team ? did you believe they would be able to achieve the score the Australian team had set in place for them to chase?

No way!

And did they?

Well, yes.

Why do you think?


Do you know what their coach said to them before they went out on the field? And this is recorded. The coach said to them, "You?ve always wanted to play positive, go out there and play positive." They chose to focus on the positive rather than focus on the fear of the possibility of not achieving what a very strong group of team mates had achieved. They proved to all South African supporters how powerful the quantum field is, and as the South African team began to show the possibility of achieving the miracle, so the spectators began to believe that it was possible, and what happened?


Exactly. And magic was woven, and they broke the record. Now that is a perfect example of what I?m trying to say. The focus on the positive was their objective for that period of time, and if they won - that was a possibility, and if they lost that too was a possibility, but they were not going to focus on the possibility of losing. They went out and gave it their everything, in that moment, and that is what your soul asks from you ? every moment of life, give it your everything, give it your best, live it with purpose. You assume you have another 50 years ahead of you; that assumption makes you complacent, because then you assume you have time to waste. You also assume that for the rest of your life you will be miserable, that you will be fighting this unseen monster that results in you experiencing pain and suffering, and all of it an assumption.

One of the greatest sabotaging energies of manifesting miracles is focusing on a "what if?", therefore what if on a negative side is more destructive and more limiting than "why me?" So change your "what if?s" to positives. Wake up in your morning and say to yourself "what if I live my day with complete purpose?" And when you are with your children, for the moment that you are with them you give them your complete undivided attention. If you knew that at the end of today a tidal wave was coming and you could not stop it, and you were going to leave your body, would your interaction with your children, your friends and your partners and family be different?


Why can you not live with that level of sincerity in every moment? You see, you intentions have become complacent with regards to the quality of input you put into your relationships. You put far more emphasis on the amount of negative energy you put into your fears and the past than what you do into the here and now, and what you have and what is important for you now. Stop wasting so much bloody time on the past, and what no longer serves you and what is no longer important. (pause) If you wish to use the power of magic to recreate the disasters of your past, then by all means carry on as you have. Go back to where you were. Bugger off! (laughter) But I know you all better than that!


Think about what I said. Look at how you live your life every day. You, in truth, do not have any guarantee that you will still be here on the planet earth by 5 o?clock this afternoon, do you?


What would you regret if you left the planet in the next hour? (long pause) Think about it. What would you wish you had done differently this morning? What would you have wished you had a moment in time to come back to earth to change, to say differently, to do differently? (pause) Did you leave home today in a bad mood? And if you left your body now who would you be sad about leaving behind without having told them how much you appreciate them, how important they have been to you in this life time? Who have you not said thank you to for contributing to your life?s lesson to reach the point you are at now so that you can carry on with your life purpose? Who came into your life with the simple purpose of pissing you off, turning your life upside down just so that you could become more self-aware? And those are the ones you reject the most, yet they are your greatest teachers, the ones that bring you the greatest gifts of self-awareness. (pause) Am I getting the message across?


Have I given you something to think about?


Well then I?m out of here!


But not before I emphasise live your life on purpose, stop wasting so much time with the "why me?s?" and the "what if?s". Stop wallowing in your self pity and the wounds of your past. Yes, they may be imprinted cellularly, and you may still be reacting subconsciously to some of them, but get over yourself! Work with it, because when you work with it you get over it, but if you wallow in it you?re not going to get anywhere. What do you want? What do you want? Do you want to continue suffering? Do you want to continue wallowing in what happened yesterday or 20 years ago? Or do you want to create something different? Do you want to feel fulfilled when you go to sleep at night? Do you?


Then what are you waiting for? The more complacent you are about the way you have been living in a state of mind that perpetuates all the old ways of limiting the experience of life and the limitation within the experience of life the quicker you are going to get nowhere! You are responsible souls, you are intelligent, you have the power within you to make the difference, so give even to yourself ? you must give to yourself, serve, serve yourself by giving yourself the opportunity to move forward, anchor prosperity consciousness on earth by choosing to live with prosperity consciousness in every aspect of your being, and love unconditionally. Begin with yourself. And every person you encounter, remind yourself their purpose is precisely the same as yours, and they have very similar challenges to yours if not the same; those challenges are to move beyond the ego?s control of life, to love themselves unconditionally, to give to themselves, to acknowledge the fact that they are souls who serve the purpose of God; this changes the way you see everyone around you.

Aren?t you tired of living with regrets? So why create more? Even the person who pushes your buttons the hardest, face them, look at what they are showing you about you, and if you feel that what they are showing you is not about what you are doing wrong still give them the love they need so that they can come to the point of love within themselves. One can discipline lovingly and respectfully; one can set boundaries with unconditional love and respectfully; this is the way of the Master, the way that you have chosen to go, the route you have chosen to follow and these are the laws and principles of magic, miracles and manifestation. That is how you bring prosperity into your life unconditionally, and it becomes an unlimited supply. Is there anything else?


Are personal questions allowed or not, Lord Merlin?


Whatever you please.

I would like to ask you about my trip to Ireland and England. My purpose for going there is to specifically consciously connect with your energy more. Is there any particular area that you would like me to visit?

No area specifically. The intention to connect with the energy is sufficient. I will take you to various places where you will feel more connected rather than me having to connect more with you. Does that suffice?

Yes thank you. And if I dare, may I ask (laughter) for a little bit more guidance on my work with you.

Oh bugger off!

Raucous laughter.


What has today?s lesson been all about?

About trust, Lord Merlin, I understand.

So bugger off and go and do it.

I will.

You do obviously know I love you very much, yes?!

I do, thank you, yes.

And all of you!


I?m just as nervous as her to ask this question! (laughter) I?m going to ask it anyway. There?s a new Merlin bear that?s arrived. Is there anything you?d like me to know about it?


Put a rope around his neck with a big sign that says "Bugger Off!"

Raucous laughter!

And you can call him the "Bugger Off Bear"!!

More laughter.

Is that all?!?


And Lord Merlin ?. I would also like to ask a personal question please. I?ve got a lot of guidance in terms of my life purpose from you as well that I am a very magical being, and I would like to ask your guidance in terms of more specifically how I can get more in touch with the magic that I need to incorporate in my life purpose?


Do you understand what your purpose is?

I understand in terms of what you explained to us today, but I am at the moment in a phase of I think, education, and in search of more specifically what my service is in this world. I know that I?m a teacher but I?m not very sure in what way I need to apply this.

That?s your vocation, it?s not your purpose. So yes, the purpose is everything that I?ve explained today, therefore when one is in touch with one?s life purpose one is then guided to a vocation, not a va-cation, a vo-cation! ? which becomes the method or the vehicle for you to deliver your purpose. Everybody?s vocation can change many times throughout one?s lifetime depending on the focus of the soul and of course, where your soul is guiding you. Where you are right now, in your vocation, is in alignment with what your soul has set in place for you; this we can confirm because we can see it in your energy field. The magical being that you are, your ability to tap into the magic energy so easily is a very strong clue as to how you can deliver the principles of magic, miracles, manifestation and prosperity to others. Trusting your soul?s ability to guide you is your personal initiation at this time; therefore question your motivations, ask yourself why you are making a choice and if you still feel completely at peace with the choice you have made or the direction you are moving in, then you know your soul is guiding you in the direction that will serve your purpose. (pause) Is that clear to you?

Yes, thank you very much.


Lord Merlin, it is Deborah speaking. I?ve always felt a very strong connection with you; in fact the reason I ended up coming to the channelling of this channel and all the other information and knowledge I?ve gained in the interim was because I wanted to come to an initiation which you gave last year. The following day I had the most magical experiences ? I?m not going to obviously talk about them now, but I ? every question that I?ve asked I feel I have this connection with you and I would like some more clarification of what this connection is, if you could help me please?


Can?t resist it ? bugger off!

Raucous laughter ? again!

Perhaps I should tell all of you individually to do that, yes?

More laughter.

So no one is left out. The connection you are feeling is because of a number of incarnations in which you chose to master the lesson of prosperity, specifically. During that time you were assigned to me as a soul to guide through the many initiations of mastering that particular plan, or mastering that energy, specifically. When one works with a Master, Lord, or Ascended Master for a long period of time that energy becomes imprinted within the energy field of the initiate, which is what you are responding to. It also means that you have the information encoded into you which you are able to tap into when you know how and draw from that store of information and today is just an example of how you can do this, of how you can tap into that store of information and manifest the miracles and the magic that you have mastered in its application previously. Does that serve you?

It does, thank you very much.


Lord Merlin, perhaps it?s my turn to be told to bugger off.


I?ve had a challenge with prosperity and financial manifestation in the last few years. I wonder if you could shed some light on that for me please?


Are you aware of the fact that it has been linked to your poverty and victim consciousness?

I have a sense of that.

And the "why me?" syndrome?


Then you have got it under wraps.

So I trust I?m on the right path now?

As long as you trust it, I will!

Much laughter.

Thank you Lord Merlin.

What if ?.?!?


Anyone else daring enough to be told to bugger off?


Lord Merlin, do you have a message for me? It?s Janice.


Bugger off!

Gales of laughter.

You asked for it! The message that we can give you at this time is most certainly the very important one of perseverance. Do not let the perceptions of your current situation limit you in any way whatsoever. It is a temporary lull, if I can call it this. Does this make any sense to you?

It does. It doesn?t make it any easier, but it does make sense, yes.


Just be in the moment, regardless of its circumstance, and just be in purpose, on purpose and with purpose, and everything else will take care of itself. That is the way the law of magic works. Remember, if you become too attached to outcomes not only do you often sabotage the outcome but very often people end up prolonging the true outcome from manifesting.; another reason why one needs to move into living life on purpose rather than focusing on outcomes. Is that clear to you?

Yes, it is. Thank you Lord Merin.


Lord Merlin, this is Cara. I feel very guided at this stage about the trip I took and where I am with my communications and awakening, so I?m very calm with that, and I was just wondering whether I can also ask for a message that might help me a little bit more on the awakening path?


Is this for yourself personally?

No, this is for my purpose.

But you know what your purpose is. Are you talking about your purpose or your vocation?

Laughter. Any one of those that you want to share information with, I?ll be glad to take.

Oh, bugger off!

Much laughter.

I have to repeat it again?

More laughter.

Are you aware of what your purpose is?


Then we have it clear. We have to help you with your vocation, yes?


Thank God! OK. Let us repeat this to you. Beloved one ?.


?.. don?t worry, I?ll tell you tomorrow.

More laughter.

How badly do you want to know?

I know I?m going to figure it out, I just thought, you know, if there?s anything I?m missing, or that you would like to share at this moment, I?ll take it and if there?s nothing I?ll accept that as well.

What are you expecting?


Nothing. No, really nothing. I just expect, maybe I like clues, so I thought maybe one clue would be good ?.

Then, let us see?.. a clue ?..


Red slippers.

More laughter.

Thank you, I?ll work with that. Then I know where to go!

Very well. You are truly a very, very amusing bunch to work with.

More laughter.

I am having a lot of fun ? I don?t know about you, but I?m having a lot of fun!


Lord Merlin, my left brain is struggling with something. When you say release attachment to outcomes, does that mean you set a goal and you have a positive expectation about it, but does that mean you do not continually feed that goal that you have in mind with positive thoughts? I?m a little confused about ?.


You do not place too much emphasis on what you expect the outcome to be, therefore you have your goal, and every day you live in the moment with purpose, you are living your life investing positive energy into everything that you are doing, therefore you know that whatever the outcome is, will be perfect, even if it is not exactly the same way you perceive it to be or would rather expect it to be. This means that if the outcome is different to what you expected it to be it does not become a problem, it is not a disillusionment or a disappointment in any way whatsoever. You are able then to fully accept that the moments that you experienced leading up to the outcome were perfect and were divine, and what you are experiencing as the long term manifestation of your original goal is in perfect alignment with what needed to be created. Does that answer the question for you?

Yes, it actually does. Thank you.


How do you reconcile that with financial constraints?


If you are living in purpose, and you are only focused on living in the moment, giving, sharing, without the attachment to what if there is not enough money, or what if I don?t do what I expect myself to do, then it is automatically there. That is the irony ? this is why I said earlier on ? the irony is that when you live in this way, when you are completely surrendering and trusting that every moment is taking care of itself and is as it must be, everything you need is there, without any life threatening exertion to manifest it, and I assure you key members of society who are living their lives in this way already, will tell you that this is exactly what is happening in their life. They are giving without measure, they are serving, they are anchoring prosperity consciousness on the planet in the way they best know how, and they are learning to love unconditionally. Examples of these peoples, ones that all of you know ? household names, so to speak, are people such as Oprah Winfrey, another gentleman Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brandon Bays, all of these people have an unlimited amount of financial wealth, and all that they need is at their disposal, to serve, to bring the messages across. They live their life with the purpose of serving, of making a difference in the world, and they give of their own love. They give of themselves, without expecting anything in return. They are passionate about what they are doing, passionate about what you are doing is living your life with purpose, the passion is the purpose. Does that answer it for you?

Yes it does.

So the time has come for me to love and leave all of you; however our energies are connected and I?m sure my words will reverberate in your mind for the next few days or weeks at least. The purpose of your life is to live it with purpose, and I know Lord Kuthumi has explained this at length before but I shall repeat it. Living your life with purpose is the purpose for being on earth. Expecting your life to be a failure is living your life expecting death to come to you, expecting failure deprives you of life?s magical essence. You are in the initiation of 8th dimension; this is the key initiation of abundance, of the 8th dimension. This is the one all initiates must face in order to master the material world, and every single Ascended Master has gone through it.

There have been Masters who have sacrificed all their physical material possessions and lived as so called paupers; their choice to serve is what motivated their decision to give it all up and to minister to the people about their beliefs. This was sorely misinterpreted in the Holy Scripture, and you were taught that to live as a pauper or not to have is the right thing to do, but the failed to include the fact that the so-called pauper had made the conscious choice to serve without attachment and that all of their needs were always met, and that the Master was 100% happy with the way they were living. They had no enough desire for anything else ? they was no desire for glamour, for big houses or fast cars ? not that there?s anything wrong with it, but that was the very important part of the magical ingredient that was missing, and that misinterpretation has led to people separating themselves from prosperity consciousness. (pause) Do you all understand this?


So whatever you choose for yourself, and you are in a state of peace in that choice is right for you, regardless of anybody else?s interpretation of your life situation or purpose. Therefore the purpose for me being with you today was to bring this truth home, for you have known it deep down inside yourselves; you have tapped into the euphoria of being completely happy and at peace with life. You have been challenged with all the old aspects of your mind and thinking that topples you from your castle of euphoria, but now you know that you are groomed to make it a permanent part of your life and that it is very possible to live your life every day in that state. It is the poverty consciousness of yourself that believes that nothing good can last forever, or that anything is too good to be true, and these are the aspects of your belief systems you need to work with. Remember the 3 levels I have spoken to you about today, so that you can recognise where you are at in different aspects of your life and the various situations you are presented with. This, in itself, will speed up your process of recovery if you find yourself falling behind in what you have created. I repeat you do not have to make your negative history your future.

May the Jupiter Lords of Fortune smile brightly upon you, may the mischief of the manifestation elves dance around you, weaving webs that will help you to catch the blessings of God that are showered down upon you. May you embrace the life that you have chosen to experience, may prosperity blossom in your heart, may joy and peace blossom in your mind and may your life bear many fruits.

I am Merlin. Go well, be at peace, laugh and have fun!

Thank you Lord Merlin.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point. Greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

Lord Merlin gave you a hard time, I believe.


Or should we rather say a fun time? Beloved ones, is there anything I can assist any of you with that you did not address with Lord Merlin?


Lord Kuthumi, it is Deborah speaking. I just have a sense that I need to ask you if there?s any ancient knowledge that I need to be grounding at this time through my work in any way, if you can assist me in this?


Sister that will be made more clear to you after this weekend that is coming up. That is your connection. It is your opening, so to speak. Is this clear?

It is, thank you very much.

Very well. Beloved ones, let me add at this point that the information that Lord Merlin has brought to you today is one that your soul has called forth. It is a very powerful, very important initiation for all of you. This particular initiation is what takes you into the abundance temple within the core of the 8th dimension, it is the entrance to the main Christ temple in the heart of all creation. This is where your Christ consciousness draws upon the energies of creativity, the ones all of you are ready to integrate.

The part that you are finding difficulty with is the transitioning between the old world of what you have become accustomed to through the majority of your life, moving into the new world which is still very foreign to you in a number of ways. It is natural for human behaviour to fall back on that which is most familiar; therefore do not beat yourself up for perhaps falling into old ways or finding yourself behaving in a way that caused you pain in the past. The most important part of this initiation is that you can be aware of where it is taking you, how you feel about it, and of course how you feel about yourself. You will only be undoing what you have created by being hard on yourself and by being rejectionary toward yourself in any way whatsoever.

The 3rd initiation of the laws of magic is probably the most difficult you will ever have to master; you have mastered so many aspects already, but as difficult as it appears it is also, from the masters? perspective, the simplest. Remember my words, the ego complicates, the soul simplifies. Is this clear to all of you?


And so it is then, beloved ones, that we hold all of you within the core of the Christ temples, supporting each of you in understanding the truth of purpose in life. I Kuthumi, will personally guide all of you in the direction of the vocation that you have chosen as a soul on earth to deliver the collective life purpose. Do not be afraid of missing out on anything; do not fear missing your vocation. It is impossible, for the wheel constantly turns and every cycle passes past its original point yet at a higher level. That higher level brings you another opportunity to step in where previously you did not. I trust this eliminates the fear of being deprived of anything. You will always have the opportunity to fully fulfill that which you chose to complete on earth.

Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold each of you beloved ones, and know that we are ever present.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff