Nature Kingdoms - assistance requested

My friends, I have received this important communication from the Elves today.
It feels to me to be of great importance. Please discern this for yourself.
If you feel it appropraite, I ask you to circulate this as widely as possible.
In due course I will let you know about other supporting actions that I have
been called to coordinate by the Masters of the nature, mineral and elven
realms of light. Thank you from my heart for taking a positive action NOW.

In service, Shabdan.

Dearest friends, light force of the world,

At this time the nature and mineral kingdoms are suffering a great burden.
We gather now to meet with you, the lightworkers, to ask humbly for your
assistance in reducing this burden. Much is being released from our dearest
Mother Earth as the seasons pass. The level of release is increasing and
much needs to be transformed into light. The light force has agreed to transform
the karmic energies that our dear Mother has taken from us throughout the
history of our incarnations here in the Earth. She has lovingly transformed
as many of these karmic imbalances and fears as she could through the passage
of time. Now, in order for her to make her own passage into the higher planes,
she is choosing to release the balance of these energies through the light

Though you toil, dearest ones, helping all that you can, a great deal of
the energy that is now being released has yet to be transformed. Much that
was intended to pass through the light force is now being taken gladly by
the nature realms and the mineral kingdoms of the Earth, but they are now

As we are passing through the eye of the needle, a place of transition for
all of the realms of light in the Earth, the pressure upon all is mounting.
It is causing humanity to suffer greatly as they are called to process and
to heal their own issues and karma that binds them still to the Earth planes.
In this place of burden, the overspill has fallen upon the nature realms.
They too have been suffering as the burden has increased for them. In this
passing through the eye of the needle, as the vibration of the whole world
must increase rapidly to sustain the consciousness shift into the fifth dimension,
many shadow vibrations from the lesser planes of light are called to give
way. In their fear and resistance they seek to influence the pure hearts
of the light force and to obstruct their service to the heart of their being.
Of late, many of the light force have been led astray. This I tell you with
love and compassion. All things serve the light whether they know it or not;
even those who have turned away from the light are infinitely bound to the
light and to love. And in their turning away from the light they give service
to the elements of this world.

You may have observed that a great suffering has taken place for many. This
is because the shadow has led many astray a little. This gives service for
it causes you to become aware of the discordance within you still to be transformed
into light and to love. The light grids around the world were shrouded for
a time from the middle of October, and this gave rise to a lessening of vibration
around the world for every plane of existence in the Earth, including the
light force and humanity. This was cleared by a group of lightworkers at
the end of October, and the light grids shine as before. This has happened
because of the collective will of many who have subscribed to the temporary
closing out of the light. It is a belief in spiritual unfoldment through
suffering and through pain. Dearest ones this is no longer the way of this
world. It is simply not necessary to sustain, to perpetuate an old learning
pattern, living in the shadow of the light. Now you may live fully in the
light and learn through love and through joy!

Blessed ones use your discernment and make loving choices. Seek not to suffer
but seek healing and release through loving ways. Your thoughts and agreements
create a reality through which the world is constantly re-created within
existing patterns. The paradigm of unfolding higher consciousness requires
that new paradigms, loving paradigms be adopted NOW. Every thought that you
send out into the world has an influence either for learning through joy
or through suffering. Take heed of your thoughts and the thoughts of others
that you meet either directly or indirectly. The medium of the internet is
a powerful tool for change but it is open to the influence of fear also.
Be very discerning dear ones with the information that comes to you through
the internet. Let your heart tell you truly what is actually overshadowed
and what is pure divine truth. Only in this way can you make new choices,
loving choices for a bright new future.

I am an elven queen, I am Lady Galasan. Of late the elves have been returning
to the Earth planes. They now hold a new level of frequency and it is their
chosen pathway to give unconditional service to all planes of light within
the world. In this we come to speak to you of the need of the nature realms
and now also of the mineral kingdoms. In their willing service to Life, all
Life in the Earth, they have become deeply burdened and suffer greatly under
the pressure of the karmic energies that they are processing for the light
force and for our dear Mother. These are strong words and they are not spoken
lightly. Simply, they are truth. Much can be done to alleviate their condition.
In this we of the elven realms, on behalf of the nature and mineral kingdoms,
seek your assistance.

We ask you to light a candle each and every day for the time to come. Place
it upon a paper that contains these light language words in a window of your
home. The words are Shereh-bareh-Asanne, for the nature realms, Caruh-bareh-Hesanne for the mineral kingdoms and Mah-bereh-ha-Essanne for our dear Mother Earth. You could write them in a triangle within which you place the candle holder.
Light the flame of your candle, perhaps a simple tea light in a safe candle
holder. As you light the candle, say the words aloud from a place of love
within your heart. Place your loving intention and those of the words, within
the flame. Breathe deeply and let go. Allow the candle to burn for a number
of hours so that the subtle energies may reach into the hearts of the nature
and mineral kingdoms, into the devas and spirits of those realms right across
the world. Let the light vibrations reach also into the heart of our sweet
Mother so that you may open a pathway for all three to give passage to the
karmic energies that are being released at this time.

Blessed ones, do all in your power to heal and support the nature and mineral
kingdoms. Even the trees are taking these energies - you can feel it within
them. Even the waters of the world, the oceans and rivers carry these karmic
energies, seeking to transform all that they can on behalf the world at this
time. ACT NOW dearest ones. Light a candle and speak the sacred words of
light over the living flame.

Every day call upon the angels to transform into light and love all karmic
and emotional energies and all other energies that you have accepted into
your energy field from Mother Earth, from all realms of light in the Earth
and from humanity. Give thanks to the blessed angels. Breathe deeply and
release all.

Heal deeply for yourselves. Your time for growth is now upon you. ACT NOW.
Open your heart and allow the karma that our dear Mother has taken for us
all ? that which she has not yet been able to process on our behalf ? to
be released through you. Learn to use your discernment in every moment and
for every cause to which you subscribe. Give of your heart in purity and
in love. Heal now through love and no longer through pain. Bless you all.

Spread this message if your heart guides you to do so.

Peace to you in all things.

Lady Galusan, 1st November 2006

Lady Galasan suggested that you might want to lay a few crystals next to
the candle and perhaps some fir cones or foliage, making a little natural
altar to the nature and mineral realms. Do keep the crystals cleansed on
your altar so that they can work effectively. You can ask the angels to bless
the crystals and cleanse them every day. Below is a triangle that you can
print and cut out to place your candle upon if you would like.