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Happy New Year!

As we now move into this new year and continue with our commitment to world service we are pleased to connect with you again with New Messages.
On December 31st 2009 we connected with the energy of Raphael and he came to us with a message entitled "2010 Are you Ready"
He explained to us that this new year will be divided into three four month segments with the first segment having to do with commitments. At the end of each segment we will reconnect with Brother Raphael for an update and new information pertaining to the upcoming monthly periods.

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Children of the Awakened Heart
Brother Raphael Message
December 31 2009
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Are You Ready

From the guiding light, from the shining light We come to you. From the pathway We come to you, from the open gates We come to you.
Your gates are now open dear ones. We now shine our light down upon you.
From the star seed Orion We come to you this is Brother Raphael.
We come to you at this most important time where you are now ending your year 2009 and ending your last cycle, the last four month cycle of this year of manifestation. So We ask you what have you manifested in this year as you head to your new year where the gates are opening? The gates through which you can create your new life, the life that you all say you want. The new life that is beckoning to create for yourself and join. For this new life is being created whether you realize it or not. Will you join this new life? Will you move from the old attachments and the patterns? Will you fully move from the old now that the gates are opening? This is a choice dear ones and you are beginning to realize this. It is now time to fully move into adulthood and move through this new gateway.
We now shine the light because the pathway is lit for each and every one of you. It is now time if you so choose to shine your light on that pathway into the new year 2010 where you can bring yourself and show the entire world who you are and create your new world.
Does this new world include others? Can you look at old relationships in the old world? Can you rise to the mount and create this new world for yourself? The new world that includes you and you are no longer looking outside of you to find you? Do you know who you are? Can you rise to the top of the mount and create your new life and open up to the new endeavors of this new life?
What have you held in the old? Where have you held yourself in the old? Where have you held yourself in old comfort zones that you a very comfortable in? Where are you?

Dear ones, it is time to rise to the mount to look over your old world. What have you manifested in your year 2009 and what would you like to manifest in 2010? What are you still holding onto that is holding you back from creating the new? Do you even know what that new is? You have created the new you if in fact you had adhered yourself to the teachings that have come to you through various channels. Have you committed to yourself? So We ask, are you committed and what are you committed to? Write down your commitments because the first four months of your new year will deal with commitments.

Once again your new year will be divided into three four month segments. If you are to move out into the world and bring yourself as the Light Worker, as the adult leading your life, is your life being led by an adult? Or do you remain in the old ways of living life? Can you now look at those old ways and at your fears and have your feelings? Your first four months are about commitments. What are you committed to and have you committed to you? What is it that you say you want?

We come to you with healing energy to heal the old wounds that you can no longer heal yourself. Are you now looking to your brethren? Can you move from the cocoon like shell of your life where you have held yourself in lack, limitation and struggling to survive life? Have you been doing this or are you living life? What are you still doing that no longer brings you fulfillment and joy? Can you look at your life dear ones? So We ask you to write down what you have manifested in 2009 for this is what you will take with you as you move into your new year 2010. There will be various energies that will come to you through fifth dimensional sources that will come through various channels or messengers. They will bring to you specific teachings that will now allow you to heal that which you haven't healed. Can you hear the messages dear ones.

Here, Raphael leads us into meditation

We ask you now to close your eyes and breathe deeply into your heart. Notice what comes to you. Is it you? Visualize you standing at this new gateway. What is beyond this gateway? What holds you from taking that next step through that gateway into the unknown? What is unknown to you? We now shine a light down on that pathway. Can you see that light? Move within. Where are you? What are your fears? What is you greatest fear about taking the next step on that pathway into the unknown? What is it that you say you want? As you stand at that new gateway looking out into the unknown ask yourself, what is most important for me to release so I can boldly take the next steps out into the unknown? What can I now leave behind to move out into the unknown? Am I ready to take the next steps out into the unknown to meet what is coming to me in my soul's divine plan?

This plan is unfolding for each and every one of you. It is up to you to move through that which is holding you in the old so you can release the attachments to the old. You can release your attachments to the illusions and myths of the third dimensional realm individually and en masse as the new soul family will begin to create itself in this new year. These first four months are for you to look at what you are committed to. Are you committed to remain in your old life or are you committed to create the new life first for you then en masse to create the new soul family?

As you now move through the threshold, through the new gateway into your new year of 2010 and towards 2012 begin now with your commitments. Look at what you have been committed to and what you would like to be committed to now.
You are raising the level of resonance and vibration within your heart as you continually release old wounding. Low vibrational wounding that has held you in the old life. Are you committed to fully release this or your old patterns and attachments to that old life? What are you frightened of dear ones?

It is now time to take the relationship you are having with you to the next level. Can you now stand fully individuated and unattached at the mount, see the unknown and know that all you need on this new pathway is you and what you possess where your gifts are concerned? Each and every one of you has garnered many tools over many lifetimes and in this lifetime as well. Can you now utilize these tools and remain committed to healing old wounds? So you can simply move out on that new pathway into the unknown and boldly stand in your energy as an adult to move forward to create the life that you have always said you wanted and still yearn after? What are you yearning after? What is holding you in the old?

These first four months are also about creation, the creation of the new life. The seeds have been planted within you and it is now up to you to commit yourself to creating your new life. For it takes one and that one is you. Can you look into the mirror that is your brethren and know based upon your needs and who you are what brethren will you now choose to form your new soul family? Does this soul family share the same energetic impetus, energetic message and mission to move out into the world to create the new world? Not so much change the old world but see that world for what it is and see the myths and illusions and ask does this resonate for me? What resonates for me?

This new year of 2010 will be a year of transition. Moving from looking outside of yourself utilizing the five physical senses and moving within the depth of your heart to utilize the sixth sense resonant causation. To let go of fully employing the old consciousness of the mental body and beginning to employ full consciousness of what lies in the depth of your heart which is you. Who are you dear ones? This transition is from the old and into the new, a new that you will now create.
As you move through that new gateway you are moving into a world that is unknown as if it is a clean pallet. And you will paint your new picture. What does this new picture look like for you? Look at this new picture, see it and visualize this new life. Then ask, is that simply a figment of my imagination or is it real and can I put myself in my new picture? Can I see me in that new life? Can I see taking myself into this new life to heights I have only imagined? Can I release enough of the old shame and judgment of self and simply feel the feelings? And as an adult move hand in hand with the wounded child and now show them the way? For dear ones it has always been the other way around for each and every one of you. Can you visualize your new life?

So dear ones, the first portion of this new year of 2010 is a time of transition. The second half of the year you will segue into transmutation where you will transmute the old and begin to see the manifestation of the new life come to fruition. Some will travel this pathway, some will remain quite comfortable in the old, and some, the Light Workers will meet those who are ready to transition into a new world. So We simply ask you, are you ready?

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