This is a real uprising from the dead

For those of you that didn't see the show, Celine Dion appeared to
walk out and stand next to Elvis as the two sang a duet of the
classic "If I can Dream." It was like he was raised from the dead.
Everyone has been asking how it was done. ET said tonight it was a
hologram.. Totally amazing what they can do now. Estimated cost of
this was said to have cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and it is
said it took months and months to create. Prior to the
performance, Celine practiced with an Elvis impersonator. However
it was done, it was totally amazing . She sounded great singing
with Elvis. The duet was fantastic.

Celine Dion in front of a LIVE Studio Audience. This is
absolutely unbelievable how they have done this. It really -
really does look for all the world that Elvis is actually
standing there live on stage singing along side Celine Dion in
front of the live American Idol audience. Watch and listen to
the audience going berserk, as they themselves think they are
actually seeing Elvis right there in front of them. A truly
amazing use of modern day technology brings Elvis Presley back
to life in front of your own eye's. Click below!

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